3 Ways Office Cleanliness Influences Employee Productivity

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3 Ways Office Cleanliness Influences Employee Productivity

Preserving the cleanliness of your office environment can be beneficial. It can also entice clients that you welcome into your premises, allowing them to see your workplace’s professionalism and uplifting ambiance. In the case of your employees, it can boost their productivity, address work inconveniences, and streamline your operations. If you are skeptical about this and need some proof, consider the following positive features of investing in office cleanliness: 

Allows seamless use of workplace facilities

Your employees may have to make multiple trips around the office to get things done before they can go to their desks to finish their tasks and meet deadlines. For instance, they may need to go to the photocopying room to duplicate financial records and access your profitable growth. However, they may encounter a few obstacles along the way, such as stacks of old documents, unkempt filing cabinets, and tables. In effect, they take longer than usual to simply get a paper or two photocopied—a task that should only take a few minutes! 

If you invest in office cleanliness, you can organize your space, eliminate clutter, and keep distractions away from your employees. Because of this, they are more capable of finishing their deliverables and sustain a steady workflow. As a result, you can expect an increase in productivity, growth, and even efficiency in accomplishing work. 

Ensures utmost safety from accidents 

Everyone’s workplace safety is of utmost importance among well-established offices. It is even part of the national government’s duties as they enforce the Hazard Prevention Program and other related movements to protect individuals like your employees. Unfortunately, having a cluttered office environment can lead to accidents, leading you to land in legal trouble and affect your corporation’s reputation. 

Maintaining office cleanliness is your best preventive measure against workplace inconveniences. You can maintain peace and order in each area, allowing your employees to go about their different responsibilities effortlessly. You can also strengthen your professional relationships in the workplace, enabling your team to improve and succeed together.

Create a healthy working environment 

Due to the pandemic, many offices were reminded of the importance of cleanliness to preserve their employees’ safety, especially in eliminating harmful pathogens and messes that can produce germs. If you don’t adhere to these issues, you can expect a large chunk of your workforce to become sick, particularly around 50 percent of them within four hours. This major setback can push back deadlines, affect meeting client or customer demands, and reduce productivity. 

Thus, office cleanliness, such as COVID-19 disinfection, deep cleaning, and other services are crucial. You also need to block off weekend dates to allow your cleaners to work and thoroughly address any hidden grime, dust, and viruses. After all the cleaning is done, remember to have maintenance protocols to keep the order in your office. For instance, you can hire in-building janitorial staff and contact local cleaning companies for deep cleaning.


As you can see, office cleanliness is more than just about keeping your surroundings clean. It is about ensuring orderliness, eliminating problems, and addressing gaps in your workplace to boost production rates. Therefore, consider looking for professional cleaners like our team to address your concerns. 

We at Diamond Cleaning Services provide reliable office cleaning services in Toronto and other urban areas across Canada. We offer different commercial janitorial solutions, like high ceiling dusting, COVID-19 cleaning, and carpet cleaning. With our assistance, you can look after your office staff’s health and peace of mind when they go to work. Book your next cleaning day with us today! 

Luring Customers Back with Professional Restaurant Cleaning

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Luring Customers Back With Professional Restaurant Cleaning

The restaurant industry has taken a hit since COVID-19 hit the globe. And while restrictions have eased, there are still people who choose not to go to restaurants for safety reasons. While you can’t blame people for being extra cautious, you can give them the reassurance that your restaurant takes health and safety very seriously.

One of the best things that restaurant owners can do in addition to social distancing protocols and sanitation stations is hiring a professional cleaning service. Many restaurants used to hire such professionals after big celebrations or busy days when the staff was a little short-handed. Nowadays, restaurants invest in these services to give their customers peace of mind. 

3 Convincing Reasons to Hire Professional Cleaning for your Restaurant

1 – Health and Safety for All

The number one reason to hire professional cleaning services is safety. Your restaurant has to be twice as clean as before to ensure that your loyal customers don’t catch the virus. Letting your customers know that the place they eat in has been professionally sanitized can ease their tensions. 

Dining out is a social affair that they haven’t done in months. Patrons need to eat out to feel normal again, even if the situation isn’t. Give them the reassurance that your restaurant is clean, so they don’t feel like they’re putting their lives at risk.

Besides customers, you should also think about your staff. They come to work in the space more often than customers—often in enclosed spaces. You need to reassure them that the surfaces they touch and the kitchen they work in are properly sanitized.

2 – Staff Limitations

Gone are the days when waiters or waitresses can serve as your clean-up crew. For their safety, it is better to have someone else handle that responsibility. The people who handle food have to sanitize constantly during service hours. It would not be wise to also put them in charge of handling dirty or contaminated areas. Professional cleaning services can send someone to dedicate their time and effort to cleanliness and waste disposal after a long day of service.

3 – Setting an Example

When your restaurant hires professional cleaners, the establishments near might do the same. Everyone in the food service industry needs to care about the well-being of their staff and customers. Yes, this will get you publicity to attract more customers, but it is more than just a sales tactic. It is a responsibility that every restaurateur should take seriously. 


It will take a while for things to get back to normal. You will most likely get less of a turnout in the following months, which is to be expected with restaurants still needing to limit people dining in. Having the extra layer of safety—of professional cleaning services—can give customers and staff a sense of relief that your business is doing its part to stay safe.  

Are you looking for the best restaurant cleaning services in Milton? Diamond Cleaning Services is a full-service professional cleaning company specializing in cleaning and sanitation of commercial spaces, such as restaurants, hotels, and office buildings. Get a quote or call us today!

8 Dirtiest Areas in Your Restaurants You Need to Know


8 Dirtiest Areas In Your Restaurants You Need To Know

When you go into a restaurant, you expect to eat good food. Aside from that, you expect a clean place. Cleanliness is crucial in a food establishment, which is why it’s important you ensure your restaurant is clean and organized. Here are some of the top dirtiest places in restaurants you need to pay attention to. 


Dining tables are high-contact surfaces used by different people. This is a type of surface that can gather dirt, grime, and germs easily. Even though tabletops get cleaned, it is usually done hurriedly with the use of poor-quality materials. 

With that, cleaning tabletops isn’t only about having rags and some cleaning materials to do the job; you also need to ensure you have the right cleaning stuff and you’re cleaning it the right way. 


Another high-contact item in restaurants is the menu. Menus don’t get enough deep cleaning; if you think about it, the menu gets passed on to different people every day. In turn, it collects oil, grime, dirt, and bacteria. Unfortunately, there are many restaurants that fail to disinfect or soak their rags long enough to kill the germs.

Condiment Containers

Ketchup bottles, sugar containers, and salt and pepper shakers can get gross and sticky. Moreover, dust and germs can build up in the container openings that can spoil the contents inside. When this happens, the containers can breed harmful bacteria that can upset your customers’ stomachs and make them sick. 

Chairs and Booster Seats

The booster seats for babies and toddlers often get in contact with dirty hands and diapers of infants. In turn, these chairs become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Also, food and drinks fall and spill onto chairs and trays. 


Toilets will always be dirty, no matter how much you disinfect and sanitize them. Therefore, the only way to keep your bathroom clean and sanitized at all times is with professional help. 

Door Handles

A lot of people come to your restaurant every day, and they touch door handles. With that, door handles are among the areas in the restaurant that require frequent and thorough cleaning and sanitation. 


Grease, oil, and leftover food can lure pests into your restaurant that can make your establishment unsanitary and unhygienic. Additionally, dirty sinks can contaminate the food that you serve, along with other kitchen items. 


Some of the dirtiest areas in your fridge are your meat drawers and vegetable crisper. Since you store ingredients, food, and drinks in there, it’s only essential you clean your fridge regularly. 


Homes and workspaces must be clean at all times, but if you own a restaurant, then it will require a more thorough and specialized cleaning because you serve food to many customers every day. If it’s unsanitary, your establishment can get closed down. Knowing the top areas in your restaurants that get dirty the most is important to help you develop an efficient cleaning plan to ensure your establishment is clean at all times. 

Hiring a professional cleaning service to deal with this is one of the best decisions you can ever make for your business. Diamond Cleaning Services offers quality restaurant cleaning in Milton. We provide environmentally friendly cleaning services. Contact us today. 

What to Know About Cleaning and Maintaining Parking Lots

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What To Know About Cleaning And Maintaining Parking Lots

Looking after a building is more than just making sure your amenities, floors, and rooms are well-managed to keep your employees, clients, and visitors satisfied. It’s also about targeting the lesser-known areas that require attention, like your parking lot!

Over time, a building’s parking lot can go through wear and tear too. That’s why you must make sure you hire janitorial cleaning services to initiate the proper cleaning methods to keep it in perfect condition at all times! They have the knowledge, expertise, and tools to manage parking lots and prevent them from deteriorating.

If you still aren’t convinced about the importance of spending time looking after your building’s parking lot, keep reading below to find out more reasons to maintain its upkeep regularly. 

It Makes a Good First Impression

Having a parking lot that exudes cleanliness serves as an excellent first impression for your customers, both old and new, convincing them that your establishment remains professional. Every time you focus on keeping your surroundings clean, more clients will appreciate what you’re doing and start to realize the potential your business holds and the value you bring.

When someone notices that your building’s parking lot doesn’t have any form of garbage, stain, or debris lying around the floors or attached to the walls, they will look up to your business. It proves to people you care about your space, even if it’s “merely” a parking lot, which shows that you want to keep your customers satisfied, thus having them around even longer!

It Prevents People From Littering

When you go out of your way to appoint janitorial services to maintain your commercial establishment’s parking lot, you can control and prevent littering from happening. Despite having garbage bins available within the vicinity, people still tend to throw rubbish on the floor, whether out of habit or because they’re in a rush to get somewhere else on time.

But when your employees, guests, and customers find out your parking lot is always clean and spotless, they will start to feel ashamed each time they’re tempted to litter. As a result, no one will find themselves throwing their trash on the floor anymore and will make an effort to reach the nearest trash bin instead. 

It Eliminates Pests from Appearing

Choosing to invest in commercial cleaning services to initiate the necessary procedures to manage your parking lot is an excellent idea. They will guarantee to sweep over every nook and cranny of your space and get rid of all kinds of garbage.

A clean parking lot has no chance of experiencing an invasion of rodents and other pests that are always attracted to rubbish that’s left around. When you work to maintain the cleanliness of your building, you never have to worry about pest reports tainting your business’ reputation!

It Helps Avoid Unnecessary Repairs

Failing to keep your parking lot in excellent condition puts your business at risk of experiencing damages in various forms. When you let days or weeks pass by without initiating proper building cleaning procedures, debris tends to build up and negatively impact your walls and pavements.

As a result, they have the power to decrease the lifespan of your parking lot’s structure, with plants growing in cracks and crevices and visible signs of damage slowly starting to become apparent. But when you strive to clean and manage the parking lot, you won’t have to face unwanted repairs because you can handle a problem during its early signs!


Parking lots may be the last place you can think of when it comes to keeping the cleanliness of your commercial establishment, but it’s all the more necessary to keep your business intact. It’s not enough to focus on the main spaces of your establishment. With the help of commercial cleaners, they can assure you that your parking lot is in good hands!

Are you looking for commercial cleaning services to manage your parking lot? Diamond Cleaning Services offers commercial cleaning and janitorial services for offices and buildings. We also provide post-construction cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more. Get in touch with us today to request an appointment!

The Ultimate Cleaning Guide for Retail Establishments

The Ultimate Cleaning Guide For Retail Establishments

Maintaining an online presence is a primary concern for most retail businesses, especially with eCommerce becoming a leading means for sustaining operations. Meeting an online audience through digital spaces needs to be fast, efficient, and hassle-free. It’s a practice that’s part of the modern shift toward digital transformation all establishments in every business needs to face.

Although your company can have a fancy website, you won’t be getting any praise from return customers if you don’t have a well-kept retail store. After all, your retail business’s stability and growth will rely on your on-site location. This is why it’s necessary to reinforce your cleaning and hygiene practices in the workplace.

The right way to clean your retail store

Poorly cleaned commercial establishments leave a negative impression on customers and demotivate your staff. This can damage your company’s marketability and reduce the likelihood of attracting new customers to your workplace. For this reason, it’s vital to maintain a pristine and hygienic on-site location.

In this article, we’ll share three cleaning practices you should develop for a clean and appealing retail store.

Set your cleaning checklist

A cleaning checklist is necessary to ensure that you’re setting your priorities in the right objects and location. Some parts of your retail store will be more prone to the build-up of dirt and germs, so it’s vital to give these places more attention. For example, trolleys, counters, door handles, and handrails will receive the most contact from outsiders. This is why it’s advisable to perform routine disinfection throughout the day. Additionally, taps, toilets, and light switches in your break rooms should also have regular cleaning and disinfection treatment. Doing so prevents germs from spreading among your staff, lowering the risk of contracting illnesses.

Assign the frequency of your cleaning cycles

With your cleaning checklist on-hand, your next task is to itemize the frequency of your cleaning cycles. Commercial establishments generally have adjusted cleaning practices, depending on the time of day. First comes a general cleaning for all aisles and locations is necessary before opening and after closing hours. Afterward, regular maintenance throughout the day at specific intervals will be essential to prevent dirt-build-up and dust from customers and staff.

Finally, a deep cleaning during off days is vital to ensure to eradicate germs and any bacteria hiding in hard-to-reach places effectively. This is also when your business should receive a deep disinfection treatment to kill any disease-causing germs in your high-traffic areas.

Prioritize high-traffic areas

Your cleaning cycles will also vary depending on the location you have to clean. For example, high-touch areas like countertops and trolleys regularly receive more contact from staff and customers. This is why it’s necessary to disinfect these areas sooner than mopping or dusting your floors.

Entrances and exits end up getting the most exposure from your guests and the outdoors, so you should invest in ensuring its cleanliness. Additionally, you must maintain regular cleaning cycles within the day for your washrooms with cleaning, wiping, and mopping to make them appear fresh and appealing to use.


Maintaining a retail store’s cleanliness has numerous perks in inviting more sales to your business. Unfortunately, not all store owners have the staff and equipment to ensure a pristine working environment for their staff and customers. Thankfully, they can hire commercial cleaning experts with years of experience in handling any workplace.

Professional commercial cleaning services can give your retail store a deep clean treatment to give it a fresh and brand-new look. At Diamond Cleaning Services, our experienced experts can ensure thorough sanitation and disinfection for all your workplace’s tough-to-clean areas. If you want to experience our commercial cleaning in Milton, contact us today!

Deep Cleaning’s Value Amid a Pandemic-Docused Environment

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Deep Cleanings Value Amid A Pandemic Docused Environment

Your commercial establishment generally welcomes the traffic of workers, staff, visitors, and clients that go in and out of your building. Because of this, standard cleaning practices need to be present to ensure your building’s cleanliness. Although this was a common practice in previous years, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic demands a much more thorough cleaning routine.

Realizing your business’s modern needs in today’s times

Even in 2021, coronavirus’s impact remains and continues to halt the growth of companies in several sectors. Among the many industries affected by COVID-19 are the restaurant, hospitality, and travel sectors. Although damage to these economies is considerably greater than others, all entrepreneurs are at risk of contracting COVID-19 in their workplaces.

Although vaccinations are underway from numerous providers, many nations are still struggling to overcome the need for developing herd immunity. This means that it will take a long time before COVID-19 will no longer be a threat to their operations. While we’re still navigating the complicated societal and economic landscape, it’s important to adopt modern solutions to solve these pressing healthcare risks.

Understanding deep cleaning impact on COVID-19 contraction rates

Deep cleaning is a more meticulous method that provides a thorough treatment of your building’s indoor spaces. Besides going over your flooring, walls, and ceilings, deep cleaning targets hard-to-reach areas like cabinet tops, light fixtures, and even HVAC ventilation systems.

Since COVID-19 spreads through air droplets from infected individual’s bodily fluids, your workplace’s surfaces are at risk of being a breeding ground for COVID-19. The virus can survive on unclean spaces from 2 hours to 9 days, depending on the surface material. Because of this, deep cleaning needs to be a more frequent service now more than ever to maintain a safe work environment. If your establishment receives outsiders regularly, it’s vital to receive deep cleaning more than once a month.

Controlling COVID-19 transmission in your workplace

Regular cleaning ensures that your surfaces are free from pathogens and other harmful substances like the COVID-19 virus. Deep cleaning essentially reduces the risk of having a high transmission rate in your office by focusing on frequent disinfection.

When undergoing deep cleaning, it’s essential to wear protective equipment before entering any unsecured location. This process requires gloves, face masks, goggles, and face shields for full protection on the cleaner. Afterward, it’s best to use EPA-certified disinfectants that have at least 70% isopropyl solution so that they’re potent enough to eradicate COVID-19. Ensure that you observe proper contact time when conducting your cleaning.

In your workplace, it’s best to focus on areas that have a lot of foot traffic. Regularly disinfect high-touch surfaces like countertops, doorknobs, railings, light switches, and more. Having sanitizer stations around your workplace is also an excellent way to reinforce your customer’s and staffs’ safety from contracting COVID-19.


Although some businesses are surviving the pandemic by operating through digital spaces, some aren’t as lucky in having a versatile business model. While some operations are transferable to digital means, some still require on-site activity. For example, restaurants and hospitality industries need to operate their on-site locations even under the risk of COVID-19. To mitigate any risks of coronavirus, they need to develop modern solutions to keep their staff and workers safe. This includes investing in deep cleaning services that can routinely protect their business from the threat of COVID-19.


Adapting to modern business practices is essential in securing your company’s future, especially during a global healthcare crisis. By partnering with us at Diamond Cleaning Services, our cleaning experts can ensure your workplace’s safety for both employees and customers. If you need routine commercial cleaning in Milton for your business, contact us today!

Hiring Professional Cleaners for Your Restaurant: What to Know

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Hiring Professional Cleaners For Your Restaurant What To Know

The first thing you notice when you enter a restaurant isn’t the smell of the food, the decorations, or the uniforms of the staff. No, the first thing you notice is the cleanliness—or lack thereof. A dirty floor, stained tables, or a scurrying rat will send customers running, spelling doom for your restaurant. The mere sight of tables strewn with debris could be enough for your discerning customers to change their minds.

Remember, there are many websites and apps for reviews where this information can be shared instantly; even just one lapse could create a chain reaction. Beyond just driving away your customers, it could also bring down the wrath of the health department upon you.

So, how do we prevent this from happening? The solution is simple: hire professional restaurant cleaning services. This is your first line of defence against grime that could pose grim health and business-related risks.

Why hire a professional?

While you might think that your employees can handle cleaning your restaurant. The truth is that most, if not all of them, have very little knowledge of the sanitation practices that your restaurant needs. They may make mistakes that a professional never would.

On the other hand, a professional works much faster than the average restaurant employee. A restaurant cleaning service also frees your employees from having to take the time to deep clean. This allows them to focus and specialize in their work.

What are the benefits of hiring a restaurant cleaning service?

The cost causes most restaurant owners to second guess the decision to hire a restaurant cleaning service. However, there are many benefits that make a restaurant cleaning service worth it. Here are a few:

  • Less Overtime Pay – Deep cleaning is best done when your restaurant is closed. While you can ask your workers to stay overtime, you would have to pay them extra. Why not use that money on experts who can do a thorough job?
  • Professional Training – A professional restaurant cleaning service employs people that go through precise and thorough training. They know the health inspection list like the back of their hands and will tackle the relevant areas up to standard.
  • Employee Specialization – By leaving the deep cleaning of your restaurant to professionals, you allow your employees to focus more on their duties and perfecting their craft.

How to find the best professional cleaning service?

Now that you are convinced to work with cleaning professionals, where do you begin? Don’t just open your smartphone or laptop to look into restaurant cleaning options and hope for the best. Make sure to actually put in the effort to do research.

The first thing you should look at is their credentials. Check to see if their specializations match what you need. For example, if your restaurant needs power washing, make sure the company you hire has that capability!

Next, check if your cleaning service can handle pests. Where there is food, there are typically pests.

Lastly, make sure that your restaurant cleaning service is insured. That way, should anything untoward happen, you’ll be covered.


Cleanliness is one of the most important factors for any restaurant. You must hire a professional and reputable cleaning company to ensure a thorough job and free up your in-house staff’s time. Take into consideration the likes of credentials, insurance, and if they’re able to handle pests properly.

In need of restaurant cleaning services in Milton? Drop Diamond Cleaning Services a line today! We provide commercial cleaning and janitorial services for offices and commercial buildings.

Disinfecting Your Workplace: 3 Messy Areas to Prioritize

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Disinfecting Your Workplace 3 Messy Areas To Prioritize

Maintaining your workplace’s cleanliness should be a year-long affair because germs and illnesses don’t take any vacation weeks off. Although there are peak flu seasons, your offices are never free from the threat of germs and diseases that can come from your customers, staff, and surroundings. This is why it’s vital to know where to identify areas with a greater risk of spreading and cultivating contaminants.

Keeping a sanitized workplace

A clean workplace is a productive workplace. Cleanliness plays a crucial role in accommodating your staff, maintaining their motivation and effectiveness in their workstations. Unfortunately, standard janitorial services aren’t always enough to clean some of the nasty areas in your office where germs can grow and spread. You’ll be surprised to realize that there are more hazardous breeding grounds for germs besides your restrooms.

If you want to maintain a pristine workplace, here are three areas you should focus on:

1. Break rooms

Off the top of people’s heads, bathrooms should take the top spot in any germ-infested indoor location. However, break rooms can be just as hazardous, depending on how well kept they are. Since it’s an area with food storage and a functioning sink, it’s not uncommon for food particles to be everywhere, from obvious to hard-to-reach surfaces. Cabinets, tabletops, faucet handles, and other nooks and corners can be breeding grounds for germs if they’re not cleaned regularly. A clogged drain is usually a red flag of potential germ growth that can spread gradually.

2. Lobbies and waiting areas

Lounge and waiting areas don’t generally receive a lot of attention from business owners, primarily since it’s not an essential part of their business. Since most of the negotiations and transactions occur within cubicles or at dining tables, it’s not uncommon for lounge areas to be overlooked. This is why there’s a high chance that these areas have an unchecked buildup of dirt and germs on tables, door frames, carpets, and even magazine piles.

Establishments like clinics and other healthcare establishments need to maintain a clean and sanitized waiting area for their patients. They have to frequently sanitize their lobby areas, ensuring that their incoming patients aren’t at risk of spreading diseases to other vulnerable persons. It would be best if you also emulate these practices, regardless of your establishment’s industry.

3. Workstations

The area where your staff spends the most time is also the most prominent breeding place for germs. Your employee’s workstations can collect different contaminants from several locations, ranging from their home to interacting with different clients. These areas don’t receive nearly as much deep cleaning as other areas since doing so would prevent your staff from doing their daily tasks. Even then, their work desks and keyboards can accumulate so much bacteria within the day. This is why it’s vital to remind your staff to be responsible for their own work areas. Setting up sanitation tools like alcohol and wet wipes is a viable way to give them the right tools to tidy up a bit.


Prioritizing your workplace’s cleanliness is even more critical now with the threat of COVID-19. Offices operating with the need to open on-site must ensure their staff and clients’ safety. Unfortunately, not all businesses are equipped with the appropriate industry-grade cleaning tools and equipment for a reliable disinfection treatment.

Like your logistics or accounting tasks, maintaining your workplace’s cleanliness must be done by the right industry professionals. At Diamond Cleaning Services, our experts are proficient in sanitizing and disinfecting work environments from different industries. If you need professional commercial cleaning in Milton, contact our cleaning experts today!

Protecting Your Business Tenants Through Indoor Cleaning

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Protecting Your Business Tenants Through Indoor Cleaning

Amidst the dangers of COVID-19, business owners need to be extra cautious about creating a safe environment for their clients and staff. For example, facility managers must ensure that their complexes are COVID-free with thorough inspections and sanitation protocols. Otherwise, they could put their business and every establishment within it at risk of closing down per healthcare regulations.

How is COVID-19 affecting commercial establishments?

The restriction on face-to-face interactions made several sectors close down indefinitely, like restaurants, travel, and hospitality establishments. Many companies worldwide had to buckle down and wait out the aftermath of COVID-19 until they could resume operations. Unfortunately, the end was nowhere in sight even after two fiscal quarters, leading to one of the lowest of lows in the economy in decades.

Now that healthcare experts have more information on dealing with COVID-19, many public establishments like malls, arcades, and even some academic institutions are making the necessary adjustments for safe face-to-face interactions. Unfortunately, the necessity to achieve a comfortable level of safety requires thorough management of sanitation and contact tracing protocols.

Why is indoor air quality important for business complexes?

Indoor air quality affects the surrounding interior and nearby exterior ventilation of a structure. This usually flows through a ventilation or HVAC system to keep contaminants like allergens, pollution, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) away from indoor premises. Not all commercial establishments have proper access to natural airflow through open windows. However, it’s necessary to ensure that an indoor establishment has effective indoor air quality.

Without a functioning indoor air filtration system, allergens like dust, dead skin cells, and other contaminants can linger and spread unchecked. This is a dangerous environment for anyone who wants to stay away from COVID-19. The threat of infection and other dangerous materials that can float and scatter in the air is enough danger to reinforce your commercial complex’s sanitation procedures.

How does indoor quality affect your building’s tenants?

Although research shows that COVID-19 isn’t technically an airborne virus, it can still travel by air and remain on the surface in places with poor ventilation. This is why most healthcare protocols recommend open-air spaces over indoor locations where people are allowed to gather. Besides COVID-19, there are more everyday threats that indoor air quality affects.

The general short-term side effects of poor indoor air quality can lead to unfiltered contaminants circulating in your different rooms and common areas. This can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, leading to dizziness, coughing, headaches, and even fatigue. Even though these symptoms can seem minor, they can severely affect people with severe allergies and compromised immune systems.

As symptoms get worse on vulnerable individuals, allergies and asthma can flare up and make them more sensitive to other pollutants. At best, it can be a case of misrepresented symptoms with COVID-19. At worst, it can contribute to a greater spread of the disease from an infected individual.


The world had to endure the impact of COVID-19 on different sectors back in 2020. With 2021 projected as a year of healing, many nations are already in line to execute mass vaccination programs. However, it’s important to remember that vaccination will not get rid of COVID-19 completely. This is why observing basic hygiene and disinfecting protocols must remain even after the success of post-vaccination, especially if the economy wants the market to stabilize in the coming years.

Commercial establishments need to receive professional sanitation treatment to ensure a safe and productive workspace. At Diamond Cleaning Services, we’re experts at handling a diverse set of work arrangements in different industries. If you need to receive our professional commercial cleaning in Milton, book our cleaning experts today!

3 Reasons Commercial Cleaning Services Are Worth the Money

Commercial Window Cleaning

3 Reasons Commercial Cleaning Services Are Worth The Money

We cannot stress the importance of keeping your rentals clean and tidy enough. It can significantly affect how profitable your business becomes—not to mention first impressions from customers, clients, and other people. That being said, if you do not have a dedicated in-house team to maintain your rental property, it is always recommended that you work with commercial cleaning services to help you out. While it may seem like a waste of money at first, they offer you plenty of benefits that invest more than worth it!

How are commercial cleaning services worth the money, you may ask? Just check out these benefits:

Tenants are happy to stay 

Whether you are renting out to tenants or are running a commercial property, having commercial cleaning services is vital. Such services ensure that the facilities remain in tip-top condition, keeping the tenants happy. 

Remember, no one ever wants to work in lousy conditions, and if such conditions cause tenants to lose customers or even hurt their own emotional well-being, they will leave you. When a tenant leaves, they will leave you with an empty space that is generating no money.

As such, hiring commercial cleaning services ensures tenants are happy to stay at your place, minimizing losses and maximizing profits.

Protects your facilities from harm 

In the effort to save money, you may either hire cheap services to care for your facilities or even do the job yourself. While this may save you some money in the short run, the long run story will be quite different. With bad cleaning practices or not enough cleaning, your facilities may run into expensive damage. 

For instance, if you have damaged your bathroom, you can easily expect to spend over ten thousand dollars to fix it. If that is an amount you do not want to deal with, hire professionals to do the job. 

With expert cleaning efforts, they can ensure each part of your commercial building is cared for in the best way possible. This can lessen the likelihood of damage and that your property stays clean and tidy while saving your money and sanity.

Maintain a welcoming atmosphere

If your commercial property is new and you are looking for tenants to rent out your space, having a welcoming atmosphere is vital. When they look at your facilities, that atmosphere will help them feel that they are in the perfect place to live or carry out their business. In other words, such an atmosphere increases your chances of tenants choosing your place.

By working with a professional cleaning service, a welcoming atmosphere is easily achievable. Remember, a tidy and clean building is always attractive, and by working with the pros, you ensure every aspect of your property is as clean as possible.


If you do not have the means to maintain your own facilities, work with the professionals to keep your commercial property clean. Even if you have a dedicated team, working with the pros can help you deal with your specific cleaning needs! This goes a long way towards keeping your property safe from damage and ensure that the tenants you work with are more than happy to stay at your place. 

Just be sure to take the time to compare various offerings from different commercial cleaning service providers. This will help you pick and choose the right team to satisfy your cleaning needs! 

Diamond Cleaning Services are professional commercial cleaning and janitorial service providers with expertise in window cleaning, high-ceiling dusting, and more. Get your commercial cleaning services in Milton today to upkeep your commercial property!