3 Common Mould Myths in Commercial Spaces, Debunked!


Mould can grow anywhere, even in your commercial space. As a business owner, it’s essential to keep your workplace clean and safe at all times. An effective way to do this is to keep every area clean, even hard-to-reach areas where mould can grow. 

The presence of mould in your commercial property can be a huge turn-off for your employees and guests. Mould can have a detrimental effect on everyone’s health; therefore, it’s essential to take steps to prevent mould growth. Despite this, many myths about mould still circulate that provide false information that prevents many business owners from efficiently addressing this type of fungus in their workplace. 

Here, we will debunk these common mould myths to keep your property safe and clean. 


  • Mould Only Appears After a Flood


A lot of business owners believe that mould only happens after a flood. The truth is, mould can grow anytime the conditions are right because it only needs damp organic material, low light, and warmth. With that, it can grow in almost any building, even with the slightest hint of a leak, plumbing issue, or spill. 

So, just because there’s no flood in the area doesn’t mean mould won’t be able to thrive in your commercial property. That said, you need to stay vigilant and take preventative measures. 


  • It’s Easy to Spot


Many people think that mould is easy to spot; therefore, it’s not there if they don’t see it. Wrong!

Mould can grow in concealed areas where people don’t pay much attention to, such as the spaces between walls, crawl spaces under the floors, and roof decking. In fact, it’s possible for mould to grow under an appliance that has leaked without you knowing. 

Therefore, just because you can’t see any obvious signs of mould doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 


  • It’s Easy to Clean


Another myth about mould is that it’s easy to clean; all it needs is a bit of bleach and some muscle into it, and poof—mould, be gone. 

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. The most dangerous strain of mould can penetrate porous materials. Additionally, it can grow in inaccessible and unseen places. 

If mould isn’t eradicated, it will just keep coming back. That is why you need professionals’ help to address mould growth to ensure that it goes away completely. Cleaning mould out of a commercial property requires expertise, experience, and specialized chemicals and equipment. 


Many commercial property owners still think so little of mould; they think that it can’t hurt them and that it’s easy to clean. The reason behind this is because of these myths that continue to surround mould growth in commercial spaces. 

Now that we have debunked these most common mould myths, you know better how to handle mould growth in your property. Even if you think there’s no mould in the area, it’s still important to have it checked because as mentioned, they usually grow in hard-to-reach areas. 

The earlier you address mould growth in your commercial property, the better it is for you, your staff, and your business. So, hire a professional cleaning service to help you out. 

Here at Diamond Cleaning Services, we offer quality commercial cleaning services in Milton. We can guarantee a mould-free commercial space. Contact us today. 

4 Steps to Take When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

commercial cleaning

Cleaning is vital in any given business setting. For the most part, we think of this as a plain and straightforward way of keeping your office clean and tidy. However, there’s more to it than you might expect. 

Keep in mind that a clean and organized office helps improve employees’ well-being, increase their productivity, and boost the business’s image and reputation. This is why you must do what it takes to make your office an ideal working environment. While having employees take care of your office is feasible, hiring a commercial cleaning service can be a more viable long-term solution. 

In this article, we will share four key steps to take when looking to hire a commercial cleaning service for your business:

Check the business license and insurance

Sure, you may get contract cleaners to clean your office regularly because they’re often more affordable, and you won’t have to disturb your in-house employees. But if you want to maintain top-quality, then it’s best to tap into expert services instead.

First, check to see if a particular cleaning company has a business license to operate. This indicates that the team of professional cleaners has the skills and experience in the industry. Second, make sure that they have insurance as a protection in case of an accident. This insurance won’t hold you financially and legally responsible for any types of injuries that happen on your premises.

Conduct research and check for references

When looking for a commercial cleaning service, doing homework can make all the difference. Start by searching online for some prospects in your area, or get some recommendations from your employees, colleagues, and other property managers. 

Once you have a list of prospects, you will need to do further research by checking their credentials, their services, and other vital considerations. If possible, reach out to past clients to see if they were happy with the services received so that you can narrow down your choices!

Strike a balance between the service quality and overall cost

At this point, you can ask for quotes from these filtered prospects and compare the costs. Yet, be sure to check the overall cost relative to the type of services being offered. Keep in mind that the pricing matters as it has to suit your business budget because you want to deal with a cleaning company that you can afford to pay and is worth the money you’re spending on. Ultimately, strike a balance between affordability and quality of service!

Be sure to understand the service agreement

When deciding on a cleaning company that’s right for your business, you must come up with a contract agreement between both parties. Most importantly, be sure that both of you understand every aspect of the service agreement before signing the legally binding contract. From there, you can seal the deal and get the cleaning services that your business deserves!


At this point, you now know what steps to take when looking for a commercial cleaning service. All it takes is to check the business license and insurance, conduct research and check for references, balance the service quality and cost, and understand the service agreement. With all these in mind, you’ll hire the right cleaning professionals who can transform your office into an ideal working environment!

At Diamond Cleaning Services, we offer a wide range of commercial cleaning in Brampton, such as complete janitorial services, post-construction cleaning, carpet cleaning, high-ceiling dusting, window cleaning, stripping and waxing, and power washing. If you’re looking to hire an office cleaning service, get in touch with us today to request a quote!

4 Germ-Filled Rooms in Your Airbnb Rental That You Need to Clean

Airbnb rentals are one of the most popular accommodations people use when exploring a new place. They’re cheaper than hotels, more secure than hostels, and are often warmer and tidier than more budget options. They also genuinely feel like a home away from home since they’re often nestled in cozy neighbourhoods.

As an Airbnb host, you’ll have to make sure your rentals are always clean, even when you aren’t physically present to oversee the space yourself. If you have limited opportunities to tend to your rental, you’ll want to hire Airbnb cleaners in Brampton to make your area squeaky clean. Here are four rooms in your rental that will require special attention, as they are effectively germ hotspots:


The Bedroom


Travellers always judge an Airbnb by the bedroom’s quality, as they spend most of their time in these spaces. You’ll need to make sure that you thoroughly clean this room between guests to ensure the germs they may have picked up while in the area don’t get transferred to your next guest. Change the sheets, vacuum the bed, and air out the bedroom to feel fresh and clean. You’ll also want to inspect the wardrobe to ensure everything is where it should be. Wipe down the mirrors, cabinets, and desks since guests tend to touch these surfaces. 


The Bathroom


Another priority area to clean in your rental is the bathroom. Since this is where people wash off all the dirt they’ve accumulated during the day and take care of their hygiene: the bathroom is the ultimate happy hunting ground for germs. Ensure that the tiles and walls are all spic and span and free of mould and dirt. You’ll also want to refill your toiletries if your guests don’t bring any with them. A healthy supply of toilet paper must be at the ready as well.


The Common Area


If your rental contains more than a bedroom, then the common area is likely the place your guests will be lounging in before they hit the hay for the night. While the common area may not seem like a hotbed for germs, it will inevitably be home to organisms that your guests pick up as they’re out and bring back to your place. The common area is also where your guests will go straight to after returning from outside. 

Besides giving this area some deep cleaning, you’ll need to make sure the floors are free of dirt and stains. If you have any rugs, you’ll also want to wash them and replace them regularly, so they don’t accumulate dirt.


The Kitchen


Any site that hosts food preparation must be hygienic and sanitized, so you must also keep your kitchen clean. Even if you think that your guests don’t use your kitchen, it’s still essential to disinfect the countertops and refrigerator handles. You’ll also want to wash your kitchen utensils and dishes after each checkout, as this is something you don’t want to guess or leave to chance.

Always throw out the trash and clean out the bins to keep the space clean. Be sure to inspect the fridge for leftover food, which you have to throw away. Clean the refrigerator even when it seems like nothing has spilled inside.


Although keeping these rooms in top shape won’t give you any rewards, it’ll definitely give you higher ratings and reviews, which translates to more bookings. By cleaning your rental and prioritizing these four rooms, you’ll ensure the safety of all your guests.

Diamond Cleaning Services offers commercial cleaning, janitorial services, and Airbnb cleaning in Toronto, Mississauga, and many other nearby areas. We also provide carpet cleaning, high ceiling dusting, window cleaning, and power washing, ensuring a thorough and deep clean for your property. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Understanding the Airbnb Advanced Cleaning Initiative

Pandemics are never good for any type of business, but none have felt the sting of COVID-19 in the way that the hospitality industry has. Many hotels, motels, and AirBnbs were forced to close their operations to reduce the spread of the disease. 

While regulations have been lifted in some areas, many establishments have had to upgrade their health standards to reduce the risk of transmission. Airbnb even introduced an Advanced Cleaning Initiative to help health officials and customers feel more at ease about the risks of the pandemic. 

The Airbnb Advanced Cleaning Initiative

Under this initiative, higher standards of cleaning are now required of every owner and renter under Airbnb. It involves a five-item checklist that must be followed at all times. The company even requires owners to pass a quiz. Passing this test rewards them with a seal of approval marking them “Committed to Clean.” This is displayed on their listings to help guests make better decisions about their accommodations. 

This five-point Airbnb cleaning plan proceeds as follows:

1 – Prepare

Airbnb advises that owners use proper cleaning implements and products ready as they prepare the room for guests. They also recommend that proper protective equipment also be worn, including aprons, masks, and gloves. After all, if the cleaner isn’t clean, then they might just end up spreading pathogens all over the room. 

Make sure to open the windows before you clean so that any contaminants in the air can get flushed out. 

2 – Clean

Airbnb cleaning and sanitizing are entirely different processes. Airbnb expects you to understand this, and this will be tested when you attempt to qualify for their seal of Commitment to Cleanliness. 

Cleaning is essentially a step that paves the way for sanitation. This is the part where you wash the linens, wipe the surfaces, vacuum, mop the floors, take out the trash, and wash all the dishes. This usually takes the longest in the process, but it’s the most important stage.

3 – Sanitize

This involves spritzing and wiping down every surface with the appropriate disinfectants. Try to think about the surfaces guests are most likely to interact with, such as door handles, appliances, electronics, and light switches. These deserve extra care, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect everything else.

4 – Check

Airbnb has provided a checklist for every time of the room. See to it that all these checklists are attended to. This process must be followed to an exacting degree. The beauty of this step is that it is likely to reveal any problems and issues in the home. Address these before any guest sets foot in the listing. 

5 – Reset

This last step is crucial to the prevention of cross-contamination. All rubbish must be properly disposed of correctly. Any cleaning implements like vacuums, mops, rags, and feather dusters should also be cleaned and sanitized to prevent pathogens from spreading elsewhere. 

You should also ensure that a few cleaning and sanitation supplies are available to the guest so they can disinfect as they see fit. 

Final thoughts

After everything that has happened over the last year, it is only understandable that cleaning and sanitation requirements are tighter all across the board. After all, keeping your clients, customers, and guests safe is more than just good business, it’s the right thing to do. It just has the added benefit of making potential guests feel more comfortable about your accommodations.

If you do need help with Airbnb cleaning in Brampton, give us a call at Diamond Cleaning Services. We are professionals in the field who help Airbnb entrepreneurs keep their rooms clean and safe for their guests. 

4 Ways Dirty Floors Can Harm Your Business: What to Know

dirty floor

Cleaning is a must in any given business setting. But among many areas in your commercial space, the floors can be the dirtiest of all. As they’re constantly exposed to high foot traffic, they can get accumulated with specks of dirt, dust, stains, grimes, and other debris. Thus, they need to be regularly cleaned and maintained because dirty floors are unsightly and can also compromise the employees’ health. Ultimately, they can go as far as hurting your business in general.

In this article, we will share four ways dirty floors can harm your business and why you should consider hiring professional office cleaning services in Brampton:

They leave a bad business impression 

Did you know that the way you take care of your floors is a reflection of how you take good care of your business? Not only do clean floors reflect the value of cleanliness, but they also represent how your company promotes health and safety, accepts responsibility and accountability, and upholds professionalism. If your employees see that the floors are always dirty, they’ll likely think that you don’t value their health and safety. On top of that, when customers or clients visit your office, these will leave a horrible impression about your business and even leave a lasting negative one.

They reduce your employee morale

Every employee deserves to have an ideal working environment. On top of this is to have a tidy workspace, and it all starts with clean floors. When the floors are spotless, your workers will feel good about where they work and consequently what they do. However, if you leave your floors always dirty, they will be uneasy, uncomfortable and feel neglected and not valued. Ultimately, dirty floors can reduce employee morale that can affect their work and your business in general, and they won’t even be proud of where they work!

They affect productivity and quality outputs

As mentioned, dirty office floors lead to many negative consequences. First, employees will easily and quickly get sick, and their absenteeism can impact production outputs. Second, messy floors will affect employees’ focus and concentration and keep them distracted. As a result, the productivity and quality of outputs will be significantly impacted. Because of this, keeping your floors sparkling bright can effectively increase your employee’s performance and overall efficiency.

They shorten your flooring’s life expectancy

Leaving your floors dirty can easily reduce their longevity, whether they’re made of carpet, tiles, vinyl, laminate, or concrete. This is because the accumulation of dirt, dust, and other debris will damage them over time, where you’ll see worn-out surfaces, stains and discoloration. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself repairing your existing flooring or installing a new one, which can be a bit costly, meaning added expenditures that can ultimately hurt your business!


At this point, you now know why dirty floors must not be neglected at all. As outlined above, they leave a bad business impression, reduce your employee morale, affect productivity and quality outputs, and shorten your flooring’s life expectancy. For these reasons, the best course of action is to hire cleaning services that can pay attention to your floors regularly. Ultimately, this will create an ideal working environment, motivate your employees, increase your productivity, and boost your overall business image!

Here at Diamond Cleaning Services, we offer a wide range of commercial cleaning and janitorial services in Brampton. If you want to maintain your office floors and keep them sparkling clean at all times, get in touch with us today to request a quote!

3 Major Myths Surrounding Cleaning Service Companies—Debunked!

woman cleaning window

Any person might find it difficult to trust in other people cleaning their personal space and belongings—especially when it’s handling something as big and sensitive as a commercial space. It is no surprise for people to be cautious of whatever might happen to their valuable keepsakes, especially when burglaries have become a common occurrence. However, such issues wouldn’t be a problem at all if you were to hire a reputable company for commercial cleaning in Brampton.

Hiring a cleaning service can benefit you in many ways—for as long as you are capable of trusting them with your property, of course. There are many myths that surround cleaning service companies and give them a bad name, which is why it’s important to find out what’s true in order to proceed fully with this endeavour.

To clear out the air, here are three major myths about cleaning companies and why they aren’t true:

Cleaning Services Often Steal Your Belongings

This myth is probably one of the most common to have spread; however, it is far from the truth! The anxiety that comes from it shouldn’t be disregarded though, since you have to check out whether the company you have chosen has a good reputation or not.

Other than checking a company’s reputation, the company itself will check on each of their employees’ background to see whether they are fit for the job. Most cleaning companies are known for their integrity and commitment to their service; there is no reason for any sane person to take an item away from a client and risk their entire career for it!

There Is No Point In Hiring Cleaning Services

This myth might have some truth to it, but there are still benefits to reap if you were to hire one. Most people would usually have the time and energy to clean up their surroundings regularly—but there are, of course, those who simply don’t have the patience to do so.

Convenience is an essential factor that comes with hiring cleaning services, which is why some just hire a cleaning company from the onset for the sake of getting their office space finished and cleaned all the way through.

Not Everyone Can Hire A Cleaning Crew

People tend to believe that hiring cleaning professionals is going to be expensive and not worth the money. While it may certainly cost a bit more than handling the cleaning efforts DIY, getting a cleaning service isn’t going to be unrealistically expensive either—in fact, you can save quite a bit just because these professionals have the gear to really deep clean a space. 

Aside from giving you the allowance and convenience of cleaning your home for you, cleaning services are paid for their expertise in thorough cleaning to help you save precious work hours. Their services shouldn’t be looked down upon since they work an honest job that truly makes them worthy of their pay.


For once, people should lay down their trust in others. Being able to rely on other people to clean your office space is going to be a necessity, especially if you don’t have the time or resources to handle the job on your own. All you need to do is to find a reputable cleaning service near you to handle your property—that way, you can be assured of your security while also enjoying an extra clean setup.

Are you looking for professional janitorial services around the Brampton area? Diamond Cleaning Services offers a wide variety of commercial cleaning services for our clients. Schedule a consultation with us today to find out how we can help you work towards a cleaner property!