3 Common Mould Myths in Commercial Spaces, Debunked!

Mould can grow anywhere, even in your commercial space. As a business owner, it’s essential to keep your workplace clean and safe at all times. An effective way to do this is to keep every area clean, even hard-to-reach areas where mould can grow. 

The presence of mould in your commercial property can be a huge turn-off for your employees and guests. Mould can have a detrimental effect on everyone’s health; therefore, it’s essential to take steps to prevent mould growth. Despite this, many myths about mould still circulate that provide false information that prevents many business owners from efficiently addressing this type of fungus in their workplace. 

Here, we will debunk these common mould myths to keep your property safe and clean. 


  • Mould Only Appears After a Flood


A lot of business owners believe that mould only happens after a flood. The truth is, mould can grow anytime the conditions are right because it only needs damp organic material, low light, and warmth. With that, it can grow in almost any building, even with the slightest hint of a leak, plumbing issue, or spill. 

So, just because there’s no flood in the area doesn’t mean mould won’t be able to thrive in your commercial property. That said, you need to stay vigilant and take preventative measures. 


  • It’s Easy to Spot


Many people think that mould is easy to spot; therefore, it’s not there if they don’t see it. Wrong!

Mould can grow in concealed areas where people don’t pay much attention to, such as the spaces between walls, crawl spaces under the floors, and roof decking. In fact, it’s possible for mould to grow under an appliance that has leaked without you knowing. 

Therefore, just because you can’t see any obvious signs of mould doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 


  • It’s Easy to Clean


Another myth about mould is that it’s easy to clean; all it needs is a bit of bleach and some muscle into it, and poof—mould, be gone. 

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. The most dangerous strain of mould can penetrate porous materials. Additionally, it can grow in inaccessible and unseen places. 

If mould isn’t eradicated, it will just keep coming back. That is why you need professionals’ help to address mould growth to ensure that it goes away completely. Cleaning mould out of a commercial property requires expertise, experience, and specialized chemicals and equipment. 


Many commercial property owners still think so little of mould; they think that it can’t hurt them and that it’s easy to clean. The reason behind this is because of these myths that continue to surround mould growth in commercial spaces. 

Now that we have debunked these most common mould myths, you know better how to handle mould growth in your property. Even if you think there’s no mould in the area, it’s still important to have it checked because as mentioned, they usually grow in hard-to-reach areas. 

The earlier you address mould growth in your commercial property, the better it is for you, your staff, and your business. So, hire a professional cleaning service to help you out. 

Here at Diamond Cleaning Services, we offer quality commercial cleaning services in Milton. We can guarantee a mould-free commercial space. Contact us today. 

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