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8 Dirtiest Areas In Your Restaurants You Need To Know

When you go into a restaurant, you expect to eat good food. Aside from that, you expect a clean place. Cleanliness is crucial in a food establishment, which is why it’s important you ensure your restaurant is clean and organized. Here are some of the top dirtiest places in restaurants you need to pay attention to. 


Dining tables are high-contact surfaces used by different people. This is a type of surface that can gather dirt, grime, and germs easily. Even though tabletops get cleaned, it is usually done hurriedly with the use of poor-quality materials. 

With that, cleaning tabletops isn’t only about having rags and some cleaning materials to do the job; you also need to ensure you have the right cleaning stuff and you’re cleaning it the right way. 


Another high-contact item in restaurants is the menu. Menus don’t get enough deep cleaning; if you think about it, the menu gets passed on to different people every day. In turn, it collects oil, grime, dirt, and bacteria. Unfortunately, there are many restaurants that fail to disinfect or soak their rags long enough to kill the germs.

Condiment Containers

Ketchup bottles, sugar containers, and salt and pepper shakers can get gross and sticky. Moreover, dust and germs can build up in the container openings that can spoil the contents inside. When this happens, the containers can breed harmful bacteria that can upset your customers’ stomachs and make them sick. 

Chairs and Booster Seats

The booster seats for babies and toddlers often get in contact with dirty hands and diapers of infants. In turn, these chairs become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Also, food and drinks fall and spill onto chairs and trays. 


Toilets will always be dirty, no matter how much you disinfect and sanitize them. Therefore, the only way to keep your bathroom clean and sanitized at all times is with professional help. 

Door Handles

A lot of people come to your restaurant every day, and they touch door handles. With that, door handles are among the areas in the restaurant that require frequent and thorough cleaning and sanitation. 


Grease, oil, and leftover food can lure pests into your restaurant that can make your establishment unsanitary and unhygienic. Additionally, dirty sinks can contaminate the food that you serve, along with other kitchen items. 


Some of the dirtiest areas in your fridge are your meat drawers and vegetable crisper. Since you store ingredients, food, and drinks in there, it’s only essential you clean your fridge regularly. 


Homes and workspaces must be clean at all times, but if you own a restaurant, then it will require a more thorough and specialized cleaning because you serve food to many customers every day. If it’s unsanitary, your establishment can get closed down. Knowing the top areas in your restaurants that get dirty the most is important to help you develop an efficient cleaning plan to ensure your establishment is clean at all times. 

Hiring a professional cleaning service to deal with this is one of the best decisions you can ever make for your business. Diamond Cleaning Services offers quality restaurant cleaning in Milton. We provide environmentally friendly cleaning services. Contact us today.