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Maintaining an online presence is a primary concern for most retail businesses, especially with eCommerce becoming a leading means for sustaining operations. Meeting an online audience through digital spaces needs to be fast, efficient, and hassle-free. It’s a practice that’s part of the modern shift toward digital transformation all establishments in every business needs to face.

Although your company can have a fancy website, you won’t be getting any praise from return customers if you don’t have a well-kept retail store. After all, your retail business’s stability and growth will rely on your on-site location. This is why it’s necessary to reinforce your cleaning and hygiene practices in the workplace.

The right way to clean your retail store

Poorly cleaned commercial establishments leave a negative impression on customers and demotivate your staff. This can damage your company’s marketability and reduce the likelihood of attracting new customers to your workplace. For this reason, it’s vital to maintain a pristine and hygienic on-site location.

In this article, we’ll share three cleaning practices you should develop for a clean and appealing retail store.

Set your cleaning checklist

A cleaning checklist is necessary to ensure that you’re setting your priorities in the right objects and location. Some parts of your retail store will be more prone to the build-up of dirt and germs, so it’s vital to give these places more attention. For example, trolleys, counters, door handles, and handrails will receive the most contact from outsiders. This is why it’s advisable to perform routine disinfection throughout the day. Additionally, taps, toilets, and light switches in your break rooms should also have regular cleaning and disinfection treatment. Doing so prevents germs from spreading among your staff, lowering the risk of contracting illnesses.

Assign the frequency of your cleaning cycles

With your cleaning checklist on-hand, your next task is to itemize the frequency of your cleaning cycles. Commercial establishments generally have adjusted cleaning practices, depending on the time of day. First comes a general cleaning for all aisles and locations is necessary before opening and after closing hours. Afterward, regular maintenance throughout the day at specific intervals will be essential to prevent dirt-build-up and dust from customers and staff.

Finally, a deep cleaning during off days is vital to ensure to eradicate germs and any bacteria hiding in hard-to-reach places effectively. This is also when your business should receive a deep disinfection treatment to kill any disease-causing germs in your high-traffic areas.

Prioritize high-traffic areas

Your cleaning cycles will also vary depending on the location you have to clean. For example, high-touch areas like countertops and trolleys regularly receive more contact from staff and customers. This is why it’s necessary to disinfect these areas sooner than mopping or dusting your floors.

Entrances and exits end up getting the most exposure from your guests and the outdoors, so you should invest in ensuring its cleanliness. Additionally, you must maintain regular cleaning cycles within the day for your washrooms with cleaning, wiping, and mopping to make them appear fresh and appealing to use.


Maintaining a retail store’s cleanliness has numerous perks in inviting more sales to your business. Unfortunately, not all store owners have the staff and equipment to ensure a pristine working environment for their staff and customers. Thankfully, they can hire commercial cleaning experts with years of experience in handling any workplace.

Professional commercial cleaning services can give your retail store a deep clean treatment to give it a fresh and brand-new look. At Diamond Cleaning Services, our experienced experts can ensure thorough sanitation and disinfection for all your workplace’s tough-to-clean areas. If you want to experience our commercial cleaning in Milton, contact us today!