The Challenge of Cleaning & Sweeping Your Office Floors

In an office or commercial facility, keeping it clean at all times is essential because it can affect employee productivity and business reputation. One of the tasks that you can easily do in the facility without any professional’s help is to clean and sweep the floors. However, how often should you do this? 

Regardless of the type of broom you have and the cleaning products you use to clean your floors, the frequency will all come down to how often it gets walked on every day by different people who come from different places. 

To answer this lingering question that you have, you need to consider several factors that affect the frequency of sweeping and cleaning your floors, such as the following: 

  • Foot traffic: How much foot traffic does each area in the office get? Be mindful of the most commonly used areas and hallways, such as the entrance and exits, main hallways, and stairwells. These areas will need more frequent disinfection due to high foot traffic, while some office areas require less cleaning because of the low traffic that it receives. 
  • Activity: Some areas in the workplace may not get a lot of foot traffic yet receive the most activity, such as pantries, meeting rooms, and other areas where people can sit and wait. These areas may still be prone to dirt, which means they need to be sanitized more often than other areas where fewer activities occur. 
  • Floor accessories: Remember that mats can also affect how much cleaning your floors need. Areas that are covered with floor mats may require less cleaning. 
  • Seals: Consider yourself lucky if you have sealed floors because they provide greater protection against dirt and unwanted scratches and scuffs. However, if you have unsealed ones, you will notice they get dirty easily, meaning that frequent floor cleaning will be necessary. 

Additional Points to Consider

You might still have a hard time determining whether an area receives the most foot traffic or not, or if it gets more activities compared to others. Cleaning and sweeping the floors are both time-consuming, yet they are necessary to keep the facility sanitary. 

What you can do is hire a commercial cleaning service that specializes in office cleaning and let them take care of your floors. That way, they will draw up a schedule to ensure that your surfaces are always squeaky clean. 


Indeed, washing and sweeping your office floors can be a hassle, and it can even be troublesome to depend on an inexperienced in-house crew. Although hiring a full-time cleaning staff can be expensive, it’s still a more practical solution to invest in their services because they will keep the workspace clean and help prevent the spread of diseases within the area. 

Moreover, a clean office can help boost your employees’ productivity levels, which is essential in ensuring long-term company growth and success. 

Instead of hurting your back from all that cleaning and sweeping, let the professionals do it for you. They will ensure that your floors are spotless and use the right products and equipment for more efficient processes. You will be happy with the results, and you will feel more comfortable inside your work area. 

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