4 Germ-Filled Rooms in Your Airbnb Rental That You Need to Clean

Airbnb rentals are one of the most popular accommodations people use when exploring a new place. They’re cheaper than hotels, more secure than hostels, and are often warmer and tidier than more budget options. They also genuinely feel like a home away from home since they’re often nestled in cozy neighbourhoods.

As an Airbnb host, you’ll have to make sure your rentals are always clean, even when you aren’t physically present to oversee the space yourself. If you have limited opportunities to tend to your rental, you’ll want to hire Airbnb cleaners in Brampton to make your area squeaky clean. Here are four rooms in your rental that will require special attention, as they are effectively germ hotspots:


The Bedroom


Travellers always judge an Airbnb by the bedroom’s quality, as they spend most of their time in these spaces. You’ll need to make sure that you thoroughly clean this room between guests to ensure the germs they may have picked up while in the area don’t get transferred to your next guest. Change the sheets, vacuum the bed, and air out the bedroom to feel fresh and clean. You’ll also want to inspect the wardrobe to ensure everything is where it should be. Wipe down the mirrors, cabinets, and desks since guests tend to touch these surfaces. 


The Bathroom


Another priority area to clean in your rental is the bathroom. Since this is where people wash off all the dirt they’ve accumulated during the day and take care of their hygiene: the bathroom is the ultimate happy hunting ground for germs. Ensure that the tiles and walls are all spic and span and free of mould and dirt. You’ll also want to refill your toiletries if your guests don’t bring any with them. A healthy supply of toilet paper must be at the ready as well.


The Common Area


If your rental contains more than a bedroom, then the common area is likely the place your guests will be lounging in before they hit the hay for the night. While the common area may not seem like a hotbed for germs, it will inevitably be home to organisms that your guests pick up as they’re out and bring back to your place. The common area is also where your guests will go straight to after returning from outside. 

Besides giving this area some deep cleaning, you’ll need to make sure the floors are free of dirt and stains. If you have any rugs, you’ll also want to wash them and replace them regularly, so they don’t accumulate dirt.


The Kitchen


Any site that hosts food preparation must be hygienic and sanitized, so you must also keep your kitchen clean. Even if you think that your guests don’t use your kitchen, it’s still essential to disinfect the countertops and refrigerator handles. You’ll also want to wash your kitchen utensils and dishes after each checkout, as this is something you don’t want to guess or leave to chance.

Always throw out the trash and clean out the bins to keep the space clean. Be sure to inspect the fridge for leftover food, which you have to throw away. Clean the refrigerator even when it seems like nothing has spilled inside.


Although keeping these rooms in top shape won’t give you any rewards, it’ll definitely give you higher ratings and reviews, which translates to more bookings. By cleaning your rental and prioritizing these four rooms, you’ll ensure the safety of all your guests.

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