4 Common Methods of Carpet Cleaning: Which Option to Choose?

There are a handful of reasons business owners and property managers opt for carpet flooring in their property. For one, it comes in various styles and designs that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of their commercial space. It also has remarkable benefits, such as providing warmth, offering comfort, fostering safety, and reducing noise levels. 

On the other side of the spectrum, one major drawback of carpet flooring is how it requires constant upkeep and regular cleaning. If left unattended, it easily becomes filthy, smells bad, and compromises your commercial space’s overall aesthetics.

Fret not; we’ve prepared a rundown of several carpet cleaning methods below. Keep on reading to learn what they entail and what option you can choose for your commercial property:


1. Dry cleaning

This method requires no water at all. Instead, it uses a mixture of a small amount of powder combined with special solvents and cleaning agents. This mixture is then sprinkled over the carpet and worked through using a mechanical brush. Once done, a vacuum is used to get rid of the residue from the carpet. Ultimately, the goal is to target specific issues like a stubborn spot stain, greasy film, or sisal carpet. 


2. Steam cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, steam cleaning is pre-conditioned with a chemical to liquify the soils and oil-based substances stuck in the carpet fibres. It works by boiling water and injecting the steam into the fibres with high pressure. As a result, the hot water and steam will help kill any pathogens and loosen the dirt, while vacuuming is performed to remove the residue. This method is a common way of treating your carpets, which is highly recommended for deep cleaning.


3. Encapsulation cleaning

This type is another cleaning method that requires no use of water. Instead, the cleaning entails vacuuming the carpet, spraying chemicals onto it, and massaging it with a rotary brush or bonnet. It works when the brush’s movement breaks the dirt particles, and the chemicals are crystallized to isolate the dirt. After that, the residue gets removed by a vacuum. This method is ideal for keeping your carpet clean longer with minimal cleaning time and low overhead cost.


4. Bonnet cleaning

This cleaning method is best for light-cleaning maintenance and regular carpet cleaning. It is typically performed by vacuuming, spraying a mist of cleaning solution mixed with carbonated water, and rubbing a circular rotating buffer called “bonnet” over the carpet. The covering then becomes fully used, which requires to be replaced with a clean one. Ultimately, this method is relatively quick to perform and affordable to invest in, though it is only applicable to slightly dirty carpets.



At this point, you’re now well-acquainted with several cleaning methods for your carpet flooring. Whether you opt for dry, steam, encapsulation or bonnet cleaning, be sure to choose one that suits your commercial space requirements. 

While there are other methods available, those mentioned above are among the common and easy ones to do. Likewise, we highly recommend a robust deep cleaning at least once a month for your carpet flooring. Ultimately, it’s best to hire a highly reliable commercial cleaning service that will make a difference in maintaining your property’s aesthetics.

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