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In light of the global pandemic, lockdowns have happened in many parts of the world to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. It’s been months since the virus wreaked havoc to the whole world, and now, many parts of the world are easing their lockdown protocols—which includes the opening of workplaces to resume business operations and stimulate the global economy amidst this ongoing pandemic.

With this, workplaces must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent the spread of the virus. Therefore, investing in preventive cleaning is crucial! Some of the must things to do are: 

Ensure All Surfaces Are Clean

All surfaces must be cleaned—but there are specific ones that you need to pay more attention to, such as kitchen appliances, door handles, desks, copy machines, and other shared implements. Wiping these surfaces down with a paper towel simply isn’t enough. These surfaces require proper cleaning with soap or detergent, along with the regular use of disinfectant wipes to truly avoid COVID-19 contamination.

Make Sure Staff Are Involved In Workplace Cleanliness And Safety

You don’t have to leave all the cleanliness and safety procedures to professional cleaning services. For preventive maintenance to be truly effective, your staff should contribute to it as well. Be it through simple and proper handwashing, wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, and other basic procedures, your employees can really contribute to keep the office clean and safe. 

Sanitise Then Disinfect

The first step to preventive cleaning in an office setting is through sanitization with soap or detergent. Once done, disinfection will take place. With so many disinfectant products out there, make sure you choose products that are approved with a Drug Identification Number (DIN). 

You can save more by using a water and bleach solution that you can use for hard surfaces. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t dry or wash the surfaces immediately after disinfection. Instead, you will need to leave to dry for a few seconds to really eliminate any harmful pathogens.

Stock Up On Disinfectant Wipes

Have disinfectant wipes situated in different areas in the workplace. Your staff can use this to wipe down their tasks and even their personal belongings. When they have access to these things, the more they can help make the workplace safe and clean at all times!

How Frequently Should You Disinfect The Workplace?

The answer to this depends on how frequent the workplace is being used. You should also take into consideration how the area is being used each day.

When it comes to COVID-19, they can live on certain high-contact surfaces, such as doorknobs, for days. As such, it’s crucial to have professional office cleaning services that can regularly clean the office. That way, you don’t have to hire an in-house team to do the cleaning for you—which will be a more significant commitment on your end. 

Keep The Office Clean With Professional Cleaning Services

As you reopen your commercial or office space slowly, a reliable cleaning routine must be in place to ensure the safety of your workplace and the people who will come to work. With this, you can resume business operations and, at the same time, put you and your staff’s minds at ease!

Are you looking for a reliable office cleaning service in Brampton to help fight COVID-19? Here at Diamond Cleaning Services, we take environmental safety and sustainability seriously. We are always researching, testing, and reviewing green cleaning products and methods for an eco-friendly cleaning program that is effective. Contact us today for more information!