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Property owners and managers know the importance of having their offices or buildings cleaned—but not all know when and how often the cleaning should be! While the common notion is to have it at least once a week, the actual timing will vary depending on several factors. Whether you plan to clean it yourself or outsource commercial cleaners, you need to have an idea of how long it will take to calculate your possible expenses. 

To help you out, this article will tell you three questions you can ask yourself to have an idea of how it should go.

What are the items and areas you need to get cleaned?

One varying factor to consider is the cleaning requirements your property has. Determine what things and areas need to be cleaned and how often these should be worked on. For example, the washroom is a common area that needs to be washed and disinfected daily, while the fridge in the pantry may only need a deep clean every three to four months. 

Start listing down everything you have in your commercial space and seek a professional cleaner’s advice regarding the timing. Sometimes relying on personal knowledge might not give you the best solution for your cleaning problem. For example, you might think that the light switches or doorknobs may not require regular cleaning, but germs and bacteria often stay in these high-contact areas.

How many people are always present in the office?

Foot traffic will also matter in your computation. The more people there are in your area, the more often you should do your cleaning. However, keep in mind that the more frequently you conduct a cleaning, the lesser the dirt or dust buildup that needs to be cleaned each time. As such, it may still pay to do a more regular cleaning schedule to keep the area neat.

All these factors can give you varying levels of results—determine what your needs are, then go from there.

What kind of cleaning setup would you want?

This question applies to commercial spaces that do not need intensive cleaning each day. They can choose if they want to have a one-time long cleaning during the week or prefer a short but more frequent cleaning every other day. If you plan to hire a professional cleaning service for this, you might want to consider the kind of cleaning service they provide. Some tasks may require longer hours than others, and only they will know the most efficient time to get things done. 

We recommend breaking the tasks into smaller sections, either by room or by tasks. That way, you will have a more thorough and regular cleaning service in your space. If you plan to hire professional cleaners to do the job, ask for their proposed cleaning schedule that addresses all your concerns and see what fits your budget.


Knowing when and how often you should have your office cleaned is your first step towards a positive work setting. Having a clean and tidy office or commercial space is a must for various reasons. It keeps the area free from viruses and germs, makes for a favourable environment for all employees, and gives an excellent first impression to clients and visitors. A dirt-free and hygienic office promotes productivity for everyone, improves air quality inside the room, and encourages professionalism—thus helping boost your business overall.

Diamond Cleaning Services is your premium provider for 24/7 commercial cleaning in Brampton and nearby areas. We have been offering extensive maintenance work since 1999 to restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, and more. Let us help you make your commercial space spotless at an affordable price. Contact us today at 905-867-5780 for an appointment!