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Carpet Cleaning Why Its Important What You Need To Know

Choosing carpets for your flooring can give you many benefits to your office space. They provide a better foothold than other flooring options and a softer landing should an accident occur. 

The recommended cleaning frequency for such flooring options really depends on your personal preference and on the amount of foot traffic that it goes through. It can vary from having a deep cleaning every 6 to 12 months or 12 to 18 months. While you can maintain your carpet by vacuuming it regularly, it still needs to undergo a professional carpet cleaning now and then.

If you’re still second-guessing why it’s important, then here’s everything you need to know about deep cleaning your carpets:

Why Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Lengthens Lifespan and Saves You Money

You should know by now that purchasing a carpet for any property is quite expensive. If you want to maintain the brand new appearance of your carpet, you should clean it frequently! 

Most people think that regular carpet cleaning can make their carpet age more—but it is actually the other way around. The buildup of dirt on carpets can make them age sooner, making you spend on a replacement sooner than expected. 

Preserves the Quality of Your Carpet

As previously mentioned, dirt can make a carpet look shabby quite quickly. Regular carpet cleaning can prevent this; however, vacuum cleaning is not always enough. Your carpet should also be treated with cleaning chemicals and shampoos to ensure that all the carpet fibres are dirt-free, unstained, and in their perfect form. 

Keeps Your Space Healthy and Safe

Carpets are virtual magnets to allergens and pollen, making it a source of bacteria and sickness that spreads allergy triggers and harmful viruses to all your employees. If you want to avoid sneezing, coughing, or getting sick often, you should vacuum your carpet at least four times a week! You can also ask for help from professional carpet cleaners to extract the deep dust and dirt from your carpet. 

Keeps It Safe From Insects and Bugs

People choose carpets to make a room look cozier and inviting. It provides the same experience to all the bugs and small insects in the room. These tiny creatures find comfort, food, and a warm place of habitation in your carpet. They might even enjoy their stay and start feeding on the fibres of your carpet, which inevitably leaves a stench! Avoid this from happening by ensuring that your carpet gets chemically-treated often. 

When Is It Time to Have Your Carpet Cleaned

Your cleaning schedule can depend on your place’s foot traffic and how often the carpet is used. However, if you need visual cues, here are some signs that it is time for some deep cleaning:

  • Your Carpet Gives Off a Stench – Many reasons can cause carpet odours. It can be due to excessive moisture, spills, or flooding. This wetness can cause mould that will later turn into an unpleasant odour. Unfortunately, this odour can permeate the air and affect everyone inside the room, causing sickness and disease to spread around.
  • There Are Track Marks – Because of frequent usage, your carpet is prone to getting dirt, grime, or mud. These can become track marks as they buildup and become evident after a while. With the help of professional carpet cleaning, these stains can be removed. 
  • There Are Patches of Discoloured Areas – Some damages can happen underneath a carpet, and when these occur, patches of mismatched colours surface on your carpet. Only deep cleaning can bring your carpet back to its original colour without letting it fade during the process. 


As a business owner, you must keep your carpets well-kept and clean all the time. Dirty carpets business facilities can give out negative impressions to consumers and affect your brand image. To prevent this, ensure to schedule regular carpet cleaning sessions and keep your carpet in prim and proper condition!

Do you need professional help in cleaning your carpet? Diamond Cleaning Services offers carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning services in Milton, Brampton, and other selected areas in Canada. Contact us today to book a service!