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It can be surprising to many people, but the most bacteria-infested place in an office is not the bathroom. Instead, it is surfaces and items in common areas, like the break room and lounge. With the growing and persistent threat of COVID-19 still looming large for the next few months, keeping workplaces clean should be a priority for all businesses. Here are a few places that need special attention from your office manager or building cleaning services provider.

Microwave interiors and door handles

On average, an office might use the microwave at least 30 times a day; it serves as a catch-all for quick meals and is the go-to for warming everything from water for tea to a packed lunch or an afternoon cookie. Microwave interiors accumulate food and drink particles, which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. When cleaning your microwave, disinfect the interiors and the handle; this reduces the spread of germs.

Faucet handles in the breakroom

Nearly all breakroom faucets are a high-risk area for contamination; you should regularly disinfect these aside from cleaning and wiping the sink dry. Also, use hand sanitizer after washing your hands or your dishes, even if your office cleans your faucets regularly.

Handles or buttons on drinking fountains

Apart from faucets and door handles, your office cleaning personnel must also sanitize buttons or handles on drinking fountains. These areas are common sources of rotavirus, which causes diarrhea, as well as influenza. When using these facilities, it is also good to let the water run for at least five seconds before drinking, and wash your hands or use sanitizer on them when you’re finished.

Keyboard and trackpad or mouse

Since you use your computer for most of the workday, it also accumulates dirt and germs. A seldom-cleaned keyboard can have thousands of bacteria per square inch, while a mouse has hundreds of germs per square inch. Contrast that amount with what you find on a typical toilet—about 50 per square inch—and you will see the need for constant cleaning and disinfecting your workstation.

Since your office cleaners are probably not allowed to touch your laptop, desktop, or other desk items, you have to do this independently. Make sure you stock a drawer in your workstation with cleaning supplies and incorporate cleaning and disinfecting into your daily routine.

Vending machines and refrigerators

These items receive the highest traffic in an office; not everyone might heat their food or mug in a microwave, but everyone opens the refrigerator at some point in the workday. Vending machines are just as bad; they even come with the added risk of being available for outsiders to the office. 

Protect your co-workers by instructing your office cleaning personnel to include these high-traffic areas. Ask people to keep the refrigerator clean by using sealable containers and clearing their leftovers or uneaten items out regularly.


COVID-19 has shown everyone the importance of cleaning and disinfecting your surroundings. When we go back to our offices in the new normal, we should bring the hygiene practices we developed during this year to prevent the spread of other types of diseases.

At Diamond Cleaning Services, we can help you keep your office looking good as new. Our commercial cleaning services in Brampton covers everything from stripping and waxing to restroom sanitation and more. Request a quote today or get in touch with us for more information!