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An office environment is just as important for maintaining the performance and productivity of a business as the business environment itself. One aspect that contributes a significant difference to business success is how clean your office space is. 

This might seem like a surprise, but it makes plenty of sense—considering that an unclean environment breeds an unhealthy one. When employees start getting sick, and it isn’t flu season, it’s likely a result of the poor working environment they’re in.

To bolster your employee’s morale and productivity, here are some tips for cleaning your office furniture and its surroundings thoroughly:

Declutter Your Space

A person’s own desk is a good place to start the cleaning process in the office. When each employee clears their own space, it removes excess clutter that might be distracting them unconsciously. Less time is wasted looking for essential items that are needed to do the work, and important papers are less likely to be misplaced. Utilizing organizers and drawers can help in this regard. 

Cleaning your workspace of trash and food items is also crucial to boosting productivity. Not only is the mess distracting, but it can also attract pests like mice, roaches, and ants if kept on surfaces for too long. 

Clean the Floors: Sweeping, Vacuum Cleaning, and Mopping

Dirt can accumulate in places where it isn’t so apparent, and one of the most common places in the office where this happens is the floor. This is especially true for carpeted areas that can easily absorb spills, harbour plenty of dust, and disguise dirt depending on its colour. Mould and mildew can collect and grow on these surfaces and cause a whole plethora of health issues for your personnel. Tiled floors are also a hazard, as people can slip, fall, and hurt themselves on any spills that aren’t cleaned up aptly.

Since floors require more specialized cleaning and tools, you can choose office cleaning services near you to cater to the office’s needs. These services can do a thorough cleaning of both carpeted and non-carpeted floors, including the sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and even washing of the carpet to get rid of unwanted stains and odours. 

Dust the Area

Dust comes from fibres and particles from paper, cloth, and even a person’s hair and skin cells that float in the air and collect together to form what people can identify as dust. Combine this with inefficient air filters and multiple people in one space, and you’ll have more dust floating in the office than you want. 

A regular dusting is essential to keep the office clean and free of any dust bunnies. Take a cloth dampened with water or a suitable cleaning agent and go over areas like desks, window sills, and over the tops of cabinets and desks. Doing so will minimize the accumulation of dust in the office. 

However, it is recommended that the office space be swept through by professional janitorial services to get into every nook and cranny and ensure that the space is truly dust-free. This will also prevent any health problems that might arise from too much dust accumulation!

Disinfect the Surfaces

Bacteria can spread easily in an office, especially on surfaces that frequently come into contact with employees’ hands. Objects like a person’s computer mouse, telephone, and keyboard are a perfect opportunity for cross-contamination. This can be remedied by disinfecting the workstations and hiring a commercial cleaning service to wipe down all other tables and surfaces with the right disinfecting substances.

While sanitizing your space with disinfectant can go a long way, smooth surfaces aren’t the only ones that can house plenty of bacteria. Fabrics that have spots on them can also house plenty of bacteria from coffee spills, food stains, or water spills. Not only does it look dirty, but it can also grow into unwanted fungi that can be harmful to everybody’s health!


Making an effort to clean your office can do wonders for employees’ well-being and overall productivity. While these changes may seem small, an office that has been scrubbed clean of dust, stains, and dirt will ultimately look brighter and feel fresher than a space that has messy desks, spots in the carpet, and dust floating around. It offers clarity and better morale, leading to better business outcomes. 

Hiring a service for commercial cleaning in Brampton is your best bet for a cleaner, more productive office. Here at Diamond Cleaning Services, we offer office and commercial buildings with janitorial and commercial cleaning services. To view our services and request a quote, visit our website today!