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Owning an established restaurant can be fulfilling, but it can be tricky, especially since you have to follow sanitation and cleanliness guidelines. It’s even now more important to do so due to COVID-19, meaning you cannot simply tidy up certain spots in your premises. So which areas should you clean more thoroughly, and how must you go about it? 

This article will discuss three common areas in restaurants that are not given enough attention during deep cleaning sessions. We will also explore possible solutions to help you mitigate virus spread, create a good reputation among diners, and maintain your business place’s spotless condition. This way, you can garner more profits, great reviews, and expand to other locations. 


  • Equipment around the food order station


One of the busiest spots in any restaurant is the food order station as customers and your staff process orders. It also applies to the drive-thru stations, receiving areas for customers, and other related places in your business that take orders and handle cash. 

Most of the germs and contamination are shared through exchanging money, touching high-contact surfaces, and the spreading of spit droplets. If not handled properly, you can expect everyone to either get sick or complain about the safety hazards. 

You can maintain cleanliness at your food order stations by equipping your staff with self-sanitation products and face coverings. For your customers, you can also encourage good hand hygiene and contactless transactions. 

Don’t forget to wipe down and disinfect all cash registers, chairs, and other high-touch surfaces either before or after every shift. This way, you can stay open for business and assure everyone peace of mind. 


  • Kid-friendly restaurant equipment and areas for playing 


Families are now more concerned about their kids’ wellbeing while dining out. That’s why some food businesses have temporarily closed their play areas to prevent overcrowding and virus spread. However, some restaurants still offer small playpens and children’s resources passed from table to table. For instance, they have colouring sheets available for use, but the diners have to share the colouring materials.

As a precautionary measure, it’s best to reinvent how you entertain family-oriented customers without exposing them to dirt and other contaminants. For example, you can have television sets installed with children’s shows instead made for young diners. You should also disinfect highchairs, toys, kids’ menus, and other similar restaurant equipment. This way, you can guarantee that your food business is taking active steps to be in service to your customers’ welfare and convenience. 


  • Can openers and other similar shared kitchen tools 


One of the most vital tools most food businesses need in their kitchens is the can opener. It’s needed for mainly food preparation, and you often have to share it with other employees due to shifts and different cooking dynamics to keep up with customers’ demands. But since you often have to use both hands to handle the cans and the opener, it’s easy to transmit various impurities into your meals. As a result, you may unknowingly cross-contaminate meals and restaurant equipment. 

As such, you may have to replace your can openers with dishwasher-safe, contactless mechanisms. You can also encourage handwashing before and after use. If you are worried about your kitchen’s lack of care for cleanliness, you should also contact commercial cleaning services who specialize in this department. This way, you can maintain orderliness in your establishment. 


You may have set tidying-up protocols for your restaurant, but it’s often uncontrollable to miss a few under-prioritized areas. Fortunately, you now know the common spots that need extra cleaning attention. You just have to ensure you are doing everything you can to eliminate messes, especially those not visible to the naked eye. Schedule your food business for professional cleaning to address the issues effectively! 

Are you in need of the best restaurant cleaning services in Milton? We at Diamond Cleaning Services can offer you that and more. Our dedicated team of sanitation professionals is trained to address different kinds of contaminants. Call us today to take charge of your food business’s safety and compliance with health standards!