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Philadelphia Inquirer Hopes to Increase Online Gambling Revenue

Philadelphia Inquirer Hopes to Increase Revenue From Online Game Press journalism is being reduced by the day in the United States, and newspaper companies are in the process of branching out to find additional revenue streams. The Philadelphia Inquirer uses online gambling as a source for their additional income.

The Inquirer has teamed up with FanDuel, a British online betting company Together they have launched Instant Fantasy Games. The site’s goal is to generate revenue through fantasy sports such as basketball, baseball and hockey.

A person goes online and pays $ 5 for a chance to win $ 90. The player can choose their fantasy team of choice for the day, and after completing the games, the player learns whether he has won or lost the bet.

The US government attempted to ban internet gambling back in late 2006 when lawmakers passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The law, however, does not prevent financial institutions from stopping payments to and from sports sites. fantasy.

Representative Barney Frank has legislative proposals that could overthrow the UIGEA. If passed, the UIGEA will no longer be valid and Frank and other lawmakers would then turn their attention towards regulating the online gambling industry in the United States.

“Thanks for the sports fantasy carving out in the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, these instant fantasy games are legal in the United States, something the FanDuel team has been very careful to abide by,” said FanDuel said editor and publisher. “FanDuel and its partners generate revenue from taking a commission for each game.”

CHINESE citizen of casino cheat

A late bet of $ 600 in a game at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) was jailed for 10 months yesterday for trying to trick the casino. The belief is the first one involving a conman at the casino, since RWS opened its doors on February 14th. In sending Hou Yongwei to jail, District Judge Ronald Gwee agreed with the charge that a deterrent sentence was needed to send a clear message that such crimes should not be tolerated.

Public Deputy Prosecutor Nicola Ngoh told the judge that had the surveillance team not picked up what Hou did to the table, he would have got away with the crime on March 28. Recalling the 26-year-old, DPP Ngoh said: В «He had done everything he had to do to cheat the dealer and the only reason why he was not successful was due to the dealer’s vigilance and the casino surveillance team. “Hou, who has lost his job as a construction worker since his arrest on March 28, had placed $ 600 worth of chips on a game of Tai Sai, or Big Small, a gamble played with three dice.

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