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Parking Lot Sweeping: 5 Benefits It Offers Your Business

When customers drive with their vehicles to reach your shop, they have an inherent need to feel confident and safe in using your parking spaces. Having a clean parking space allows your customers to feel that they’re being taken care of when a business knows how to prioritize its prop
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3 Factors to Look for When Hiring a Cleaning Specialist

With the Canadian government slowly loosening up its lockdown policies and allowing businesses to gradually resume operations, many have found themselves rushing to get their companies back on track. Seeing that standards are loosening up, business owners are now sorting their finance
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Why You Need High-Ceiling Dusting Services for Your Office

You walk into your office, and you notice a dim light, and just when you’re about to have the bulb replaced, you notice that the bulb isn’t the problem at all—but the build-up of dust. If you manage or own the property, it should be your priority to maintain the cleanliness of the spa
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Commercial Cleaning: Why You Should Outsource Your Airbnb Cleaning Procedures

So you run an Airbnb and it has gained quite a lot of traction because of its cozy atmosphere and great location. While this does bring in tons of revenue to you as a property owner, this kind of foot traffic brings a lot of dirt and even infestations depending on how many people go i

4 Benefits of Hiring Reliable Janitorial Services

Canadians spend most of their time working in their offices that they started calling these places as their second home. Whether or not you know it, the environment is one factor that affects a person’s mood and even productivity. For this reason, you should keep your workplace clean
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3 Guidelines in Hiring a Restaurant Cleaning Company

If there is one industry that is thriving amidst the pandemic, it is the food industry. Restaurants remain open in most cities, and food is still served to hungry and craving people. If you are a restaurant owner, your employees and customers’ safety should always be the top priority.
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Debunking 3 Myths About Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning, just like any other professional field today, possesses its fair share of myths that are spread around far more than service providers can control. Today, common misconceptions about commercial cleaners are plentiful and vast in severity because of a lack of infor
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4 Important Cleaning Tips for Healthcare Facilities – Our Guide

Healthcare facilities require a more precise level of cleaning compared to office buildings. Medical facilities follow strict regulations and have contamination and infection controls that they have to set up as well. Moreover, patient confidentiality and noise levels are issues that
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Do You Need a Holiday Let Cleaner? Yes—and Here’s Why

Do you own a property specifically for other people to use over the holidays? Investment properties are a great way to earn extra income. However, you will still need to take care of it just like any property. This means that you will need to run maintenance to ensure all its infrastr