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Commercial Cleaning: Why You Should Outsource Your Airbnb Cleaning Procedures

So you run an Airbnb and it has gained quite a lot of traction because of its cozy atmosphere and great location. While this does bring in tons of revenue to you as a property owner, this kind of foot traffic brings a lot of dirt and even infestations depending on how many people go in and out.

You don’t necessarily have control over who stays or how clean they are as guests because that is unfortunately how it is when you step into the world of Airbnb rentals and hotels.

When you own a short-term rental property, it is a must that it remains clean and pristine for every guest that comes in. A quick vacuum process or minor polishing is not enough to keep the place clean for extended periods of time.

While you could do it yourself some times, it is extremely tiring knowing that Airbnbs have an extremely quick turnaround time. This is why you will want to outsource the cleaning of your property.

Properties Will Be Cleaned To A Professional Standard

While you may be efficient at cleaning your own home, properties that are being used by other people often require heavier duty cleaning. You are not aware of how hygienic your guests will be, or what their travelling lifestyles are, so having professional cleaning will ensure a deep cleanse of any kind of dirt or mess.

Professional cleaners have the proper qualifications and equipment to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is why you will not regret hiring their services. When you know every nook and cranny is like-new, you won’t have to worry about the deterioration of your Airbnb home.

You Can Focus On The Other Aspects Of Airbnb Management

Running an Airbnb is more than just putting up your property and waiting for people to book, arrive and then leave. There is so much management and coordination that needs to be done. You will need to answer questions and queries about your property for rent, you will need to manage the bookings and organization of guests checking in and out and so much more.

When things break you will need to buy replacements, you need to pay bills for electricity and WiFi connectivity and always need to be checking up on functionality. Adding cleaning into the mix complicates things and adds extra work to be done, which is why having another company clean for you is the right way to go.

You Will Have More Free Time

Whether your Airbnb venture is a side venture or your main source of income, there is no doubt that you will want time for yourself and your family. Having an extra thing to worry about adds stress and takes away time for fun activities. With an outsourced cleaning service, you can do the usual rounds of inspection and managing of logistics for guests, and have days off to enjoy life as you want.


Having an Airbnb property is more work than it seems. Asides from the usual logistics and management aspects of it, running the whole show solo is a tough feat. Cleaning is a tiring job that everyone despises and tries to push off until the last second.

This is acceptable if you are cleaning your own home, but property to be used and rented by others must be treated with utmost importance and care. Remember that your ratings are important, and cleanliness is the first thing a guest looks at when they step into a place they will be spending their vacation in.

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