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4 Important Cleaning Tips for Healthcare Facilities – Our Guide

Healthcare facilities require a more precise level of cleaning compared to office buildings. Medical facilities follow strict regulations and have contamination and infection controls that they have to set up as well. Moreover, patient confidentiality and noise levels are issues that must be properly handled in cleaning a healthcare facility.

In this article, we will share four important cleaning tips for your healthcare facility:

1. Create a Customized Cleaning Program

Every healthcare facility is different. To ensure that everything is clean and organized, a customized cleaning program must be created to address all the areas in the facility. Doing this also helps you stay ahead in maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

A customized program will be tailored to essential factors that the healthcare facility deals with all-year-round. It should include details on peak times (and even peak seasons), and the days that your facility is closed, such as holidays or weekends.

In a healthcare facility, cleaning never stops, despite the high foot traffic in specific areas. Hence, there is a need for a customized cleaning program that will detail how staff can carry on their cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting even during peak hours.

2. Train Your Internal Staff

You will likely rely on commercial cleaning services to clean your healthcare facility because they are cleaning experts that know how to ensure healthcare facilities are thoroughly cleaned. However, your in-house staff will also need to observe proper cleaning methods, such as cleaning patient rooms as soon as after it is vacant and other simple cleaning tasks.

Some of your staff will be required to conduct cleaning tasks during business hours. To ensure that they’re doing it right, proper training, along with written procedures, must be available to them. Continuous training involves familiarization and adequate use of cleaning agents, and what should be during incidents such as spills.

3. Use the Right Cleaning Products

The right cleaning products are crucial to the safety and effectiveness of your healthcare facility. When choosing cleaning products to use, refer to the level of cleaning you need. When you hire a commercial cleaning company to do the work, even if they have experience in cleaning healthcare facilities, it’s vital that you ask which cleaning products they will use.

Familiarizing yourself with all the right cleaning products will help you make the right decisions when choosing what should be used in your healthcare facility.

4. Talk With A Commercial Cleaning Company

There are many commercial cleaning companies available in the market today. Nevertheless, you need to choose one that has sufficient experience and knowledge in cleaning medical facilities. Your prospective company must provide you with details regarding their experience, knowledge, as well as processes and cleaning materials. They should also be able to offer specific certifications to back up their expertise.

You must determine the company’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in cleaning healthcare facilities. Review them to ensure that it applies to your facility. Then, discuss with the company about the types of training they use for their staff and if they’re willing to provide additional materials to your in-house team.


Cleaning healthcare facilities is not an easy task. Strict protocols are in place that requires stricter SOPs to ensure that the facility is thoroughly cleaned. With the cleaning tips given above, you can achieve a clean environment in your facility without disrupting its operations.

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