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Do You Need a Holiday Let Cleaner? Yes—and Here’s Why

Do you own a property specifically for other people to use over the holidays? Investment properties are a great way to earn extra income. However, you will still need to take care of it just like any property. This means that you will need to run maintenance to ensure all its infrastructures are working, including cleaning to keep the place nice and tidy.

Regular maintenance of a holiday home can be difficult and time-consuming. This is particularly true if your property is an Airbnb for short-term rentals. For this reason, we highly recommend that you work with a holiday let cleaner!

Why do I need to invest in a cleaner?

Why do you need to invest in a cleaner? Note that one of the biggest reasons many rentals have negative reviews revolves around how dirty a place is. These complaints can include anything from a hairy bathroom floor or a smelly microwave.

If you want to make sure to limit or even eliminate such reviews from yours, you will need to invest some money into a professional cleaning service. While this will cost money, you will save a lot more than the money you did not gain because of a negative review, or refunds because of a complaint and the like. 

Why should I outsource my cleaning needs?

Why do you need to outsource your cleaning needs? Can’t you just clean by yourself? While you certainly can do so, saving management costs, what you lose is time. This precious time can be spent on something else such as marketing your rentals rather than cleaning them up, which can be done by someone else who will more than likely do a better job than you. 

Put simply, while you can clean the rental by yourself, you might be losing out on potential income when doing other things. Plus, you might not even live close to your holiday let, making going to and from places to clean up a huge hassle.

How do I find the right cleaning service?

With so many cleaning services to pick from, which one should I work with? Well, there are many considerations to make to figure that out.

Consider their experience. Usually, the longer the experience with cleaning—especially ones that focus on holiday lets such as yours—the better they will do at their job. You can also check their previous work and judge for yourself if their cleaning job satisfies you.

Ask about their equipment. Another thing you will have to think about is the equipment that they use. Generally, you would want to work with those that use the latest cleaning tools instead of those that still rely on older equipment. You can safely assume that the newer the tools, the better the cleaning work. Plus, knowing that they have invested their money into such tools is a good sign that they are serious about what they are doing.

Aside from the two points above, there are many other things you should consider, such as whether they are insured, or that they are ready to handle emergencies. These “checkboxes” will help you decide which ones to work with. The more checkboxes they tick, the likelier they are to offer you the service you are looking for. 


Now that you know why you outsource and invest in a professional cleaning service and how to look for the right one, you should get to hire one right away. A great place to start is the internet, where many services are easily accessible in the comfort of your home. Plus, when you do find a good-looking website, that is another sign that the company is serious about their services, so also keep that as a sign that you should work with them.

Are you still looking for an Airbnb cleaning service serving Toronto, Brampton and all of GTA to work with? We’ll bring the results you are looking for. Contact us now! 

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