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Surgical Masks vs Respirators: Which to Choose Amid COVID-19

It cannot be denied that the threat of the COVID-19 outbreak has affected many people from around the world. This novel coronavirus is a contagious disease that causes mild to severe respiratory symptoms and could even lead to fatality. As this virus, which is similar to SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome), has no known cure and immunity vaccine yet, safety measures are set in place to curb the spread.

While business establishments and public places have to shut down momentarily, people are advised to stay at home. When individuals have to go outside to purchase basic needs, they are required to maintain social distancing, and wearing masks is also another safety measure to follow in protecting yourself from acquiring the virus. Seeing that there are many types of masks in the market today, how do you know which is best for you?

In the sections below, we will delve deeper into differentiating between surgical masks and respirators to help you choose the right one for you

Surgical mask

It is a disposable medical covering used as a protection against infectious agents transmitted via droplets. These droplets can be saliva or secretions from the upper respiratory system containing viruses, such as the coronavirus. 

Patients with respiratory symptoms are advised to wear surgical masks to prevent the virus from contaminating other people. On the other hand, individuals with masks protect themselves from acquiring the virus. It is usually readily available in pharmacies and other stores.

Understand that a surgical mask should not be worn for more than three hours. Also, it doesn’t protect against “airborne” infectious agents, so individuals should be wary of possible contamination. 

N95 respirator

A respirator is considered as personal protective equipment that serves as protection against aerosols, such as dust, smoke, and mist as well as gases, such as disinfectants and anesthetic gases. However, it can be used to protect against airborne infectious agents and viruses, such as the coronavirus, SARS, and H1N1.

A respirator is sorted into two categories – insulating and filtering. While it insulates the protective equipment, it also filters particles, gases, and vapours. It can also be disposable or reusable. However, it is not available in pharmacies and needs to be purchased from the appropriate provider.

Commercial cleaning for COVID-19 disinfection

While wearing masks is one matter, keeping your property clean is another. It’s best for commercial properties to undergo a robust cleaning for COVID-19 disinfection before opening their premises. Business owners should take the responsibility to do so for the protection of their employees as well as their clients or customers. 

When it comes to cleaning your workplace, the best approach is to hire commercial cleaning and other janitorial services. These cleaning professionals have the knowledge, skills, and expertise as well as the cleaning tools and products to ensure that your property is free of any virus threats.


At this point, you can now differentiate between a surgical mask and a respirator and which one will be best for you based on the situation that you’re on. Also, you should consider hiring a commercial cleaning service for your workplace to ensure complete COVID-19 disinfection.

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