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3 Practical Methods in Cleaning Your Commercial Carpets – Our Guide

Did you know that 11 kilos of dirt is accumulated on the shoes of about 1000 people who enter your building in 20 weeks? If your commercial office has rugs sprawled on the floor, imagine how dirty they can get every week! This is why it is important to practice frequent carpet cleaning. No, it won’t reduce the lifespan of your rugs and deteriorate their appearance. Instead, it will actually increase their longevity and keep them looking pristine.

In this article, we will share with you three practical cleaning methods that are commonly used on commercial carpets:


This is the most straightforward method to get rid of dirt and dust from your commercial carpets. There is a wide range of vacuum options that are available in the market. For commercial cleaning, it’s best to invest in a powerful vacuum, more so if you use massive mattings in the spaces of your building. 

For heavy traffic areas, such as the entrance hall, it’s best to vacuum your carpet daily. For offices with medium traffic, vacuuming three times a week will suffice, and at least once a week for lower traffic areas, such as meeting rooms. Not only will vacuuming frequently help you clean your rugs, but it will also save you time and effort in the long run.

Spot cleaning

It refers to cleaning the visible spots or stains manually as soon as you see them. It should not be surprising as to how easy it is for your carpets to get stains that can be an eyesore. As soon as it gets spills, make sure to carry out spot cleaning because your prompt actions will ensure that the stain will quickly be removed.

Furthermore, there are carpet areas that frequently get impacted with heavy stains. These include red wine, dyes, and even glue that are very hard to remove. For stains that are hard to remove by yourself, it’s best to hire building cleaning services to carry out the job.

Preventative cleaning

As with any type of cleaning, prevention is better than cure. It helps to establish a preventative cleaning program to ensure that your carpet looks good and lasts longer. The idea is to have it cleaned at regular intervals, which is why a more practical solution is to hire janitorial cleaning services. Here’s what you will want to consider for preventative carpet cleaning in terms of frequency:

  • Heavy traffic areas (entrance halls): At least once a month 
  • Medium traffic areas (corridors and offices): Four times a year (quarterly)
  • Light traffic areas (light conference rooms): Twice a year


At this point, you now know that carpet cleaning is paramount for your commercial rugs to last longer and look cleaner than ever. As outlined above, make sure to set the following practices in place—vacuuming, spot cleaning, and preventative cleaning.

To ensure that your carpet cleaning is done efficiently and effectively, it is best to hire janitorial cleaning services. These professionals have the skills, knowledge, and the right cleaning tools and products that can make a difference in your rugs.

Looking for commercial cleaning services in Toronto for your commercial carpet? Get in touch with our team of experts to see how we can dust those specks of dirt off your carpet!

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