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A Brief Guide on Floor Stripping and Waxing for Office

High-traffic facilities can be prone to contamination and hazards since you cannot control how frequent people come in and out of the area, and what they drag in with their shoes. Dirt, bacteria, fungi, and tiny debris can make a home in the flooring. Daily maintenance is a good precautionary measure to avoid damage to your floor. Although a regular cleaning and mopping with a neutral cleaner can help make your floor tiles clean and neat, it does not guarantee that the space is free from harmful elements.

Most commercial facilities today get a regular floor stripping and waxing services to keep their space hazard-free and extra clean. This maintenance method can make your floors look brand new. If you want to have your office flooring look polished, hire a professional who can do the job for you.

A regular floor polishing is a good practice in maintaining your workplace while keeping it safe and pleasant. The question is, how often should you get this service? Here is what you need to know:

What is floor stripping and waxing?

Floor stripping is a process where the top finishing of hard floors is removed. This maintenance method removes dirt, grit, old wax, and other unwanted debris from the floor. High traffic areas like offices, malls, restaurants, and other commercial facilities ensure regular stripping and waxing is done to eliminate old wax and keep the place clean, damage-free, and polished.

This type of floor maintenance can take a while to complete since it requires multiple steps to remove its top finish. Once done, the floor will be refinished or waxed to give a good, brand-new shine. Floor stripping and waxing is ideal for vinyl, VCT, and linoleum, certain ceramic floors, and hardwood floors to name a few.

Advantages of getting a floor stripping and waxing:

  • It makes your floor look neat and shiny
  • It prevents discoloration and staining
  • It lessens the impact of everyday wear and tear
  • It saves you money by preventing major renovations due to damaged floors

How often should you get floor stripping and waxing?

Busy environments like offices catch a lot of dirt and debris since the floors receive high foot traffic from employees and clients every day. Flooring in these areas is prone to damage, and dullness, which scrapes away its beauty and shine. 

If you want to keep your workplace looking like a million bucks, get your floors stripped and waxed as frequently as you need. Floor stripping and waxing does not only keep your floors clean but hygienic as well. This type of floor service is an extensive job, meaning you need to allocate a good amount of money to have this done.

Some facility/property managers choose to get this service monthly, and some wait and get it done every few months.  It all depends on your preference after considering the following factors:

  • Daily foot traffic – how many people use the space
  • Type of business – what industry are you part of
  • Amount of clients visiting per day

Experts recommend that high-traffic offices should have their floors stripped and waxed at least every six months. For low-traffic offices, you can schedule a regular service yearly or every 18 months.


Keeping your office space clean and hygienic should be one of your top priorities. Visual quality of your space can affect the performance of your employees. Moreover, the look of your workspace reflects your professionalism.

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