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5 Vital Steps in Post-Construction Cleaning – Our Guide

Building a home from scratch, doing serious renovations, preparing an office space, or gearing up for a shop’s big opening will definitely require lots of cleaning before the space is ready for use. Construction uses up plenty of materials, and the tasks involved generate trash.

It may be overwhelming to deal with the mess by yourself, which is why the quickest way to get rid of it is to hire a commercial cleaning service. Whether you are taking on the challenge of tidying up on your own or are hiring a professional service, using our checklist of questions below will help you to keep track of your progress.

1. How are you going to classify the tasks?

As in most things, it is best to enter a cleaning project with a plan. You cannot jump in and do just anything in your path because that will make the entire process longer since you might have to repeat tasks in different rooms. Prior to starting your cleaning process, you have to see what exactly needs to be done.

Cleaners usually divide a project into three phases — rough, light, and final cleaning. Each phase focuses on specific tasks, making cleaning more systematic. Depending on the scope of your project, your phases might be collapsed into two, just rough and final cleaning.

2. Are there large pieces that need to be disposed of?

The first phase involves removing the largest pieces, such as spare wood, wires, and other materials. If there are sections of drywall, garbage from packages, plastic tarps, drop cloth, and other construction supplies, this stage is the time to get rid of these. You should also watch for smaller items, such as bolts, screws, and nails, since these tend to slip into cracks or roll out of view.

A professional cleaning service could dispose of these items for you. However, if you are doing this by yourself, you need to contact your building or community manager for details on waste disposal for these types of materials.

3. Are the floors, walls, and baseboards clean?

After clearing the debris, you would want to check if there are scuffs, streaks, or patches of dirt that need to be removed. The floors would bear the brunt of construction work, so cleaning them first is essential. Check for damage, especially on hardwood floors, as softer woods can nick easily. After that, you can start mopping, waxing and polishing.

Walls and baseboards should also be dealt with; note any dents and bruises that can come from builders’ equipment. Though there is no way to avoid getting these minor scratches, you would still want to know where they are so they can be patched and repaired properly.

4. Have you dealt with windows, doors and carpets?

Restore window and mirror shine by wiping these down with a glass cleaning product. Working from top to bottom, use an absorbent cloth on the surface, making sure to hit the corners and edges of the glass. Then, rinse the product out and repeat if necessary. Doors and knobs should also be cleaned, as well as light switches.

If you were not able to remove your carpet before the renovations, you will need to clean that as well. Carpet fibers can retain fine specks of dust, wooden splinters and the odors from construction, so they should be vacuumed and shampooed. Steam cleaning may also be necessary, especially if the carpet has spills of paint or other liquids. Make sure the carpet is thoroughly dry before use.

5. Are there any other items that need to be cleaned?

Large projects will involve several rooms. Aside from bedrooms or common areas, you might have had some plumbing installed as well. Once the dry areas are clean, you can proceed to clean these spaces and remember to follow the procedure outlined above and just add a few steps.

For bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas, make sure they are properly disinfected because activities in these areas may have a direct impact on health. Opt for professional commercial cleaning services in Oakville if you are unsure how to properly disinfect these areas.

Need  professional help?

Getting an office, a shop, or a home ready for use after construction can be a tough process. That is why having a plan for it will make the process quicker and easier for you or whoever will be cleaning.

For post-construction cleaning services in Toronto and the rest of GTA, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you!

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