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4 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Window Cleaning Service

In an ideal world, your office would never become dirty. Desks would be neatly kept, floors will be dirt-free, and furniture buffed and shined. Businesses would save quite a bit of money never having to pay for cleaning.

Unfortunately, reality has it differently. From the floor to the ceiling, every part of your property needs some care. That said, there is one feature in your brick-and-mortar workplace that you need to ensure is always spotless: the windows. Not only is getting this part of your building cleaned crucial to allow plenty of light into your workplace, but a dirty exterior can give off a bad impression.

To ensure your office windows are well-cleaned and ready to impress any visiting clients, we highly recommend that you work with professionals. However, with so many people and places to hire from, you might be wondering how to pick the best window cleaning service. Here are some questions to ask yourself to that out:

1. Are they qualified to carry out the service?

Perhaps the most critical question you should ever ask yourself would be whether your prospective cleaning partner is has experience with similar projects. Why? Well, experience, as well as other factors like insurance, is a sign that the company you are interested in working with are professionals that will deliver cleaning of a certain standard. Of course, WSIB coverage is another important thing to look for. It will ensure that in case anything goes wrong, any costs towards damages to your company or employees will be covered.

2. Are they responsive and able to schedule prompt appointments?

The last thing you want to occur when hiring a cleaning service to clean your windows is waiting for weeks on end for an appointment, only for them to come late and disrupt your employees. When you go about picking a professional, pay attention to how quickly they respond and whether they get you an appointment promptly. Even if they cannot perform the service on the same day, responsiveness is a good sign that they are prompt with their work, meaning that they will do their best to get the job done when you need it.

3. Is their service high-quality and quick?

Some might argue that quality and speed are two things that do not go together. You either go quickly and lose quality or focus on quality and lose speed. Well, when it comes to cleaning windows, ignore that argument—you want professionals who can give you quality work and do it quickly. The best sign that these pros can achieve such a feat is if they have been well-trained to do their jobs and are well-equipped to carry it out.

4. Are their past clients happy?

One of the most genuine sources of information about a cleaning service is their reviews. While the service you are interested in might have some testimonials and such on their website, you should check for reviews on other platforms. That is because the company might have only picked the good ones, while the third-party platform will have both the good and bad.

While a consensus of positive reviews is a good sign, read each of the reviews carefully. If you find that their positive points are what you need, work with them. At the same time, be wary of any negative aspects pointed out, especially if they are substantial.

In essence

When you are out looking for a professional cleaning service to get your windows cleaned, remember the questions we have shared with you. Ask yourself all of them if possible when you check out these service providers, and if you find one that ticks all the checkboxes, you have found the right people to work with.

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