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Commercial Windows: How Often Should You Clean Them?

You must consider many factors while building and maintaining your company’s reputation. We all recognize the importance of first impressions.  Whether your business is located in a skyscraper building or a mom-and-pop diner, the windows will serve as one of the first elements that will impact your visitors’ experience.

After all, windows are a portal to your establishment’s soul, so keeping them spotless is key to setting a good first impression to your customers. This begs the question: how often should you have your commercial windows cleaned?

Factors to Consider When Determining the Frequency of Your Cleaning Schedule

1. Foot Traffic

The number of consumers and people going in or out of your facility compared to the size of the building can affect the cleanliness of your windows. Restaurants, for instance, see heavy foot traffic every day compared to other businesses such as a furniture store.

2. Location

If you find your establishment near busy streets or highways, your windows are likely to collect dust faster than any other building. This means you need to consider a regular cleaning schedule to keep your windows spotless.

3. Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can impact the state of your windows, especially when the glass is exposed to rain or snow. Rain can capture dirt, which can increase the risk of caking up mineral deposits on your windows.

4. Landscaping

Not only does your location affect the cleanliness of your windows, but your surrounding landscape can also contribute. Settling down alongside a parking lot, for instance, can heighten the collection of dust and smoke as there is plenty of debris in the air. If your facility is located near open fields, expect a lot of dust and dirt to settle on the windows.

5. Structure

Certain businesses incorporate unique architectural designs to stand out from a competitive crowd to pique the interest of customers. Some uncommon features include inset windows, which looks aesthetically pleasing but tends to collect grime faster.

A Cleaning Schedule Guideline for Different Industries and Facilities

1. Medical Facilities – hospitals, surgery centers, dental clinics, and all healthcare facilities need commercial window cleaning every month as they need to maintain a sterile and spotless environment daily.

2. Restaurants – restaurants also need to maintain sterile surroundings as dirt can compromise the quality of their food. Not to mention, the heavy foot traffic combined with the amount of grease and moisture in the air makes it easy for dirt to build up on surfaces like windows. With that in mind, food industries need to clean their windows for a minimum of two weeks.

3. Office Buildings – office buildings only need to conduct a thorough cleaning on the inside and outside surface areas of the windows at least twice a year. Lounge areas, lobbies, and other public areas may need a monthly cleaning schedule as opposed to office space.

Keeping Your Commercial Windows Clean Sets an Impression of Your Business in More Ways than One

Spick-and-span windows may go unnoticed by people, but dirty, dusty, smudged, or grime-covered windows can stick out like a sore thumb, especially when next to other professional-looking establishments.

With that in mind, regular maintenance and commercial cleaning are in order if you want to maintain impeccable appearance.

If you’re looking for quality commercial cleaning services in Milton, get in touch with us today to see how we can help keep your business stay in tip-top shape.

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